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Recording Electricity Use - Assignment Example

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The present assignment "Recording Electricity Use" deals with the consumption of electricity. As the author puts it, all the countries in the world highly dependent on the fuel and electricity for developing the nation in terms of business and societal improvement. …
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Recording Electricity Use
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Extract of sample "Recording Electricity Use"

Download file to see previous pages The percentage of people who have access to electricity has been increasing due to the increasing number of urbanization (Thumann, 2010). So, day by day it is observed that natural resources which are used to produce electricity are facing a challenge for the increasing demand for electricity. Here a plan has been conducted on a particular person who consumes electricity by using the different appliance in 7 days or a week. According to appendix 1, this can be said that a person can consume 21.795-kilowatt of energy in a week by using some electronic appliances which are essential in his daily life. These appliances are a refrigerator, electric oven, television, computer, electric fan, mobile phone, laptop and electric lights. This is observed that a person never use any particular appliance for same time duration every day. Therefore, there are some variations on the usage of appliances. If the person spent 3 hours watching television during weekdays then during the weekends generally this duration of watching TV will be higher. It is observed that maximum energy is used in refrigerator, electric fan and computer. Energy used in the electric fan is also more than the refrigerator. If the consumption of these appliances can be controlled then the person can minimize the total energy consumption in a week. Here, it must be said that the calculation of electric consumption is based on individual consumption and not the total consumption of family. This is assumed that electric fan, refrigerator, and all the mentioned appliances are not shared by anyone of his family or his roommates. Again this must be said that the consumptions should include the use of any appliance at the office by that particular person. For example, a person has used his own laptop for the office purpose. So, electric required for charging laptop during office hours will also be accountable for this computation. But if the person uses office lights and air conditioning system then that will not be included in this computation because those are consumed by all the employees in the office and not only used by a particular person (Winther, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Recording Electricity Use Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Recording Electricity Use Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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