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Aerodynamic shape optimization for morphing multi-element airfoil based on CFD by using adjoint method algorithm - Dissertation Example

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The design of any aerodynamic components involved application of optimization approaches towards attaining very efficient systems. The general steps involved in any aircraft design process are conceptual design, preliminary design and detail design. …
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Aerodynamic shape optimization for morphing multi-element airfoil based on CFD by using adjoint method algorithm
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Extract of sample "Aerodynamic shape optimization for morphing multi-element airfoil based on CFD by using adjoint method algorithm"

Download file to see previous pages The multidisciplinary optimization of the aircraft structure is undertaken during the preliminary design phase itself. Thus the final objective of the aerodynamic design is, to arrive at the best aerodynamic configuration that gives the best operational performance given the constrains, irrespective of the method chosen to achieve this. One of the important techniques of design is by using the techniques of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The CFD based design approaches are normally classified into three different methods namely – inverse surface models, inverse field model and numerical optimization models. When the design variables goes over 1,00,000 the conventional methods would soon approach its limits. The numerical models have been widely accepted in the design process and have clearly established their advantages over the conventional design process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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