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Abstraction as used in Java Programming is a simplification of a complex reality through modeling classes that are appropriate to the problem, while working at the level of inheritance that is most appropriate for a certain aspect of the problem …
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Abstraction in Java
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"Abstraction in Java"

It involves representing vital features of a system without being involved within the complexity of the system. This makes only the required elements of the object to be represented while hiding the irrelevant object details. In doing so, it helps define an object in terms of its interface, properties or attributes, as well as its functionality (behavioral). More often than not, it is used in separation of the members that are prone to change. Abstraction is among the main principle of Object oriented analysis and Design (David, 2008). Its application in OOAD, especially during the process of design and domain modeling, aids a lot in the designing of the system that is maintainable and flexible. Abstraction Example: Abstraction can be achieved by Composition. For instance, a class Car is made up of Steering objects, an engine, and many other components. When building the Car class, it is not mandatory for an individual to be aware of how different components seem to be working internally (Gu, 2011). Knowing how to interface with the parts of the car, such as sending messages to them, receiving messages from them, and making different objects able to compose the class interact with each other is what is necessary. When writing the characteristic of the car, wheel and Engine in a single class, it looks like this: Public class car { int price; String color; String name; String wheel Name; int wheelprice int engineHorse power int engine Capacity the void move() { // move forward Void rotate () {wheel methods . } Void internal combustion () //Engine method } } In the example given above, the attributes of the engine, as well as the wheel and are added to the Car type. According to the programming, this would not end up creating any kind of issues. However, coming to maintenance of the application, it becomes somehow more complex. When the abstraction with composition is applied, the example above becomes modified as given in the example below: Public class car { Wheel wheel =new wheel (); Engine engine = new Engine (); String name; int price; String color; Void move () { //move forward } Int enginecapacity; Public class Engine Void internal combustion () (//Engine method } } Publc class wheel { String wheel Name; Intwheel price; Void rotates () { // Wheel method } } One can easily see that attributes, as well as methods that relate to the Engine and Wheel are moved to the respective classes. As can be seen, both wheel and Engine are referred just from the Car type. In cases where the instance of Car becomes created, the Engine and Wheel would be always available for the Car, and whenever there are noticeable changes to the Types i.e. Engine and Wheel, these chances are only confined to such classes and would not in any way affect the Car class. The inventory program, as well as the car simulation program, would be using the car abstraction created. The inventory programs implemented in my system include the manage inventory, the view inventory and the search inventory. Manage Inventory is the key element that the system focuses. The View inventory would be used in viewing all the current cars in the database displaying them in an understandable and easy layout. Search Inventory would be used in searching the database for certain specific vehicle. Add cars inventory helps in adding cars to the database, making Model, price etc. There would be a list of criteria, which helps in organizing and making managing the inventory easy. The sell Cars helps in marking the cars as sold, while keeping in the database for the future statistical calculations (John, 2001). The car abstraction would be used in driving simulators for training of the driver. On many occasions, driving simulators Read More
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