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Risk Assessment Paper - Coursework Example

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Risk Assessment Paper Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 11.02.2012 Risk Assessment Paper Hazard identification Hazard identification remains an essential aspect of rick assessment. The identification could be defined as the first stage at determining the possibility for implementing proposed projects based on the imminent risk…
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Risk Assessment Paper
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Download file to see previous pages An analysis of the possible dangers of using this pesticide in dealing with the problem becomes essential in decision-making. A comprehensive and critical understanding of the inherent dangers remains fundamental in making informed and sound decisions. A measurement of the dangers needs to be analysed from two perspectives; severity of the danger and probability of danger occurring. A solution providing severity that could be classified as catastrophic might be classified as risky to pursue. In the case of Malathion, the pesticide continues to be graded as having low toxicity. However, ingestion of the pesticide might bring fatal results. The greatest danger posed by Malathion on human beings remains application of Malathion in enclosed environments. Within the case of Genericville City, the pesticide shall be utilized within open environments, therefore, reducing the inherent danger immensely. The probability of a hazard occurring should be calculated to determine the possibility of utilizing the proposed solution. According to available sources, the probability of a Malathion related hazard occurring might be categorized as remote. Dose response Dose response could be identified as the observable change in organisms resulting from exposure to chemical. It enables the decision-makers to understand critically the effects of the chemical under different exposure levels. This understanding becomes fundamental in determining the safe dosages for possible environmental pollutants. The dose response could potentially assist decision maker in determining dosage levels safe for humans. Malathion preparations of 0.5% could be utilized in treating head lice and body lice. This means that Malathion could possibly be utilized in controlling mosquito infections without negative effects on humans. Malathion remains one of the two recognized agents potentially utilized and approved for treatment of pediculosis. The utilization of Malathion in treatment of several ailments clearly indicates the possibility of the pesticide causing minimal hazard. In the treatment of the mosquito infected areas, mixing Malathion with diesel becomes essential in diluting the concentration of the pesticide. Adding diesel essentially makes the pesticide concentration weaker, hence reducing the hazardous danger created by concentrated Malathion pesticide. Though the chemical has been classified as low toxicity, children remain susceptible to negative effects of the pesticide regardless of the dose response. The symptoms that could be exhibited include irritations of the skin and eyes. During the time of spraying, remaining indoors could essentially reduce the possibility of coming into contact with the insecticide (National Pesticide Information Center, 2011). The inhabitants of Genericville should be informed when the activity should be carried out. This would essentially allow safety precautions to be undertaken. Exposure Exposure provides a measurement of the magnitude of harm realized from exposure to harmful elements. Exposure could assist in establishing protective standards within a specified environment. The Malathion pesticide could be exposed through several routes. These methods include inhalation, ingestion, and dermal absorption. When performing the proposed solution, safety precautions shall be installed to ensure none of these exposure routes causes potential harm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Risk Assessment Paper Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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