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The Hubble Telescope - Research Paper Example

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Hubble Telescope Submitted to, [Name of Instructor] Submitted By, [Name of the student] Submitted on, [December 1st, 2011] INTRODUCTION The space and everything it holds are unimaginable boundaries. For long man has been in pursuance of finding out what the space beyond the Earth’s skies is actually composed of…
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The Hubble Telescope
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Download file to see previous pages The Hubble telescope was the first space anchored telescope by man. Hubble has proven to be the key to the casket of knowledge pertaining to the skies of the space. It has helped in answering the most fascinating and intriguing queries of the astronomers of the planet Earth. The Hubble has had the privilege of researching out and about almost everything in the Universe known so far, from black holes to other solar systems in which planets revolve around stars similar to our own milky way. Astronomy was given a new meaning ever since Hubble endeavored upon its cruise as a result of which mankind has been steered on a new mission. The present study initiates from an introduction of what the universe is. It proceeds further with the reason behind the development of the Hubble Telescope and ventures into its twenty one year journey so far. THE UNIVERSE The Universe is everything around us. It has unimaginable boundaries that can neither be seen with naked human eye nor can be imagined. Present studies state that the Universe is ever expanding. Known to be made up of dust particles, numerous metals, gases, stars, clouds, galaxies and life forms, the universe has been the source of inquisitiveness for man ever since ancient times. The planet Earth on which human beings reside is one planet in one of the innumerable solar systems that spread out in the universe. Earth’s sky is filled with small specks of distant celestial objects whether they be stars or anything else. The fact that these specks of light are not just light bulbs in the sky but actually are celestial objects became known to man only after inventions and discoveries in the field of information and communications technology. Prior to them man could think of the Universe only till where his imagination took him. HISTORY The advent of information and communications technology dates back to the days of Galileo. Galileo’s invention of the telescope in the year 1609 was the major breakthrough in looking up distant things. It was the phenomenon of telescope only that bought life into the mere light specks that the Earth’s night sky displayed. There was unanimity in the desire of all the scientists: to see further more and more into the skies. Galileo’s Earth based telescope ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hubble Telescope Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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