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Name Instructor Course Date Question 1 (i) As much as the moon is concerned, numerous questions pertaining to its formation has piqued the curiosity of man. For a long time, however, little attention has been directed to the moon, like if people were strangely not aware that the moon ever existed…
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The Moon Physics Personal Statement
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"The Moon Physics"

However, these theories were somewhat faulty and never satisfied the curiosity of scientists. For instance, the theory of fission failed because it was attached to the belief that the moon would be fashioned from the same constituents of the Earth. This was quite implausible. When it comes to discussing the currently accepted theory about the formation of the moon, scientists theorize that humongous objects collided with the Earth, and popped out any lighter material. Therefore, these light objects of these two planets, that is the mantle and the crust coalesced and formed a spherical disk around the Earth. After some time, the disk formed into the moon. Additionally, when the Earth lost its mantle by becoming denser in the centre, part of it became the moon. This theory can, therefore, be called: Theory of the Impactor. Question 1 (ii) It surprised, at first, when I learned about this theory of the Impactor, I came to realize that the moon was formed out of the components. For one thing, it had never occurred to me that the moon was formed out of some disintegrated parts of the Earth. To tell you the truth, initially I hadn’t the slightest idea that the energy that was produced during the impact between the two planets, scorched out the water from where it was produced. It was real hard to believe that this energy was finally flung into space, and the volatiles that it unleashed formed a disk which grew into moon. Additionally, I found it somewhat implausible to believe that the whole process, just took a year to be complete. Further, it’s quite absurd to say that after the impact, the moon somewhat made life to exist on planet earth. In any case, this theory of the Impactor is well more conceiving than the initial theories. Question 2 Without doubt, among the retinue of the planets, Mar is the only planet which remotely would make it fit for human habitation. Ideally, Mars contains many of the things that are found on Earth. Additionally, the gravity of mars is relatively proportional to that of Earth. Unlike the temperatures of other planets such as Pluto which is too much cold. Mercury and Venus are the hottest planets because they are too close to the sun. Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune are considered to be gas planets. So they cannot support any form of life. The atmosphere is Mars are relatively cold, it may hold enough humidity for hydroponic plants. This then mean that these hydroponic plants would serve as raw materials to produce oxygen and hydrogen for fuel. Ideally, since Mars is atmosphere is dominantly CO2, this Carbon Oxide would become raw materials for synthesizing life compounds. Furthermore, this Carbon dioxide which is frozen in the planet’s polar surfaces could form the greenhouse gas, once released into the atmosphere. This would form the ozone layers which protects any form of life from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Work Cited Astronomy Cast. Where does the moon come from?, 2007. Web. Jan 8. Read More
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(The Moon Physics Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
The Moon Physics Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“The Moon Physics Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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