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Augustines Confessions and Confucius Analects are Classics - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay focuses on Augustine’s Confessions and Confucius’ Analects. Confucius’ philosophy focused on the issue of morality, both from a personal perspective as well as from a governmental perspective. Confucius taught lessons relating to the correctness of social and daily relationships…
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Augustines Confessions and Confucius Analects are Classics
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Download file to see previous pages If he could transform ’selfish’ leaders in ‘unselfish’ leaders by first changing their hearts and minds being in line with the Will of Heaven, then these exact/same leaders would provide clear examples of love and benevolence that could turn the war into peace and poverty into prosperity. He died in 478 BCE aged 71-72. He is the founder of Confucianism Main interests: Moral philosophy, social philosophy, Ethics Notable ideas: Confucianism. On the other hand Augustine, born and raised in the Roman Empire, his confession is a diverse combination of theology, philosophy, autobiography and critical exegesis of the holy Christian bible. The first nine book of the story trace the tale of Augustine’s life right from his birth i.e. 354 A.D. up to the events that happened almost immediately after his conversion to Catholicism i.e. 386 A.D. Augustine takes this autobiography as more than an opportunity to retell his life, however, and its hard to find an event mentioned in the book without an accompanying religious or philosophical explication. In fact, the circumstances that Augustine decides to recount are mainly selected with a view to these bigger issues.
In a passage, Confucius teaches that a person’s behavior always evidences his mind when he states, “the master would not sit unless his mat was straight”(Analects 10:12). If someone’s behavior is disorganized and sloppy, then it would evidence a manner of thinking and that was unclear and improper. Such actions are against the virtue that calls us to respect the persons with whom we live as well as a person’s property where we live and work. Both books have a lesson of endurance and perseverance, i.e. if one carries-on with hunt but using the right path, that person is destined to get to the intended destination. This is not in regard of the slowness in the speed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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