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Question for analysis 4 - Assignment Example

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The integration however should not interfere with an individual’s art of thinking deeply, concentrating and contemplating in equal measure.
The highlighted problem has been a major concern for…
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Question for analysis 4
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Download file to see previous pages The move also follows the directive given concerning the full exploitation of internet to broaden the scope of sourcing reference materials.
The limits include inaccurate or biased sources of Information. Not all the information available via the internet are credible, the user must be able to select the right kind of information. Some of the available information consists of other people’s thoughts and views are bound to have errors occasionally. Information Overload when users go through a bunch of many information sources, and they still locate the most appropriate ones
The lecturers should recommend a number of credible, relevant and resourceful sites to avert such problems (Folk and Shawn 161). The second alternative will be to filter certain computer sites that can draw away the students’ keenness.
There is minimal time required for sourcing information hence reduces time wastage. In addition, the information acquired will be credible and accurate, as the lecturers would recommend only relevant sources.
Acquisition of bias information still exists on the end users side. The process promotes laxity in learning at the expense of critical thinking. The students should make it a routine to allow them make presentations in class to promote critical thinking about subject matters eliminating overreliance on internet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Question for Analysis 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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