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Art, Self & Knowledge - Aesthetics Book Review and Thought - Essay Example

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For one to understand any form of artwork, he is required to grasp the basic content that the work tends to postulate and to understand the message and feelings that the artwork brings forth. This then engages the element of perception. Ideally, perception tends to differ from…
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Art, Self & Knowledge - Aesthetics Book Review and Thought
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Download file to see previous pages Being able to make sense of these basic ideologies in art, one is then able to understand the role of art in changing how one experiences the world. Artwork incorporates the above stated elements, without the basic interaction and incorporation of them; the experience of art would be different and non-sensible.
This essay endeavors to breakdown the elements of artwork experience to understand and make sense of artwork from the general perspective. The first issue that is incorporated is understanding the basic idea of what exemplarization is and the premises it is rooted. Exemplarization is the use of exemplar representation to stand in for a class of objects. The basic ideology is exemplarizarion is that when one engages in artwork, there is usually some information that he requires reception, this, by whoever the artwork is directed (Keith 2). To achieve this, the artist has to incorporate the use of exemplar elements of a group of object to enable the person who beholds the work to understand that the exemplar used stands for the intended group of objects. Isenberg’s theory contrasts the ideology of using examples to gauge the perception of the people who behold the art to the other ideology. His ideology known as exemplification entails taking a course of critical discourse in order to understand the art form in display.
As one beholds the art of any form, from his own perception he creates an understanding of what information the artist is trying to relay. In the process of perception, content is created. This is to mean that the content of art as was originally intended by the artist might slightly or majorly change, according to how one perceives it. This ideology could be relayed proper form of understanding when looking at such a popular painting as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Mona Lisa portrait was associated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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