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The author states that it is very difficult to create a definition of argument, which is universally-accepted. This is because; as a noun, the meaning of word ranges from an oral disagreement to verbal opposition, to a discussion encompassing dissimilar points of view, to an interpretation course.  …
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Questions about Argument and Enthymeme
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Three defining features of arguments include viewing arguments as an inquiry, where the issues of contention are queried, investigated and examined. Another defining feature is consensus-building, which encompasses the search and pursuit for common grounds among the parties questioning the issue under discussion. The third is persuasion, which encompasses the presentation of facts and information likely to change the viewpoint of the other party (Boylan 5). Writers justify claims by offering information on the grounds that they are placing the assertions they raise, through their writing. They also justify their claims by discussing the basics of how they have come to know the assertions they are raising, which could include research. They also justify their claims by explaining the authority they are using to raise the claims from. An example here is a medical claim made by a doctor, as opposed to another made by an accountant. The claim of the doctor is more authoritative.
Whether leadership is an in-born or a developed characteristic, it is general knowledge that there are certain characteristics that identify good leaders. These include that a leader should show exemplary characteristics, including trustworthiness, as a leader who does not keep their word cannot be trusted. A good leader should also be enthusiastic about the roles they play, as this enthusiasm is passed on to the followers, towards achieving the set goals. Failure to lead enthusiastically leads to the aimless following, where some followers do not know the goals they are pursuing. This is a successful argument, as it shows both sides of the argument.
The process of making an argument is the step by step explanation of different skills and concentration areas, towards presenting arguments effectively. The argument process involves three phases, including organization, where the ideas to be presented are developed. The second phase is construction, where the ideas are given form or shape – which can be passed to the audience, and communication – where the constructed idea creations are presented to the audience.
A genuine argument is a factual presentation of facts, presented to persuade or convince another person or audience. A pseudo-argument, on the other hand, is a false presentation of information, presented with the intention of convincing or persuading another person into believing the false information. An example of a pseudo-argument is, “in regard of addressing societal problems, one either solves a problem or complicates it.” This is a pseudo argument, as it is false – because there are other perspectives and sides to the issues, and not the two mentioned through the argument.   Read More
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