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Ethical Dimensions Of Medicine - Research Paper Example

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Ethical Dimensions of Medicine Name Institution Date Ethical Dimensions of Medicine Introduction Medical ethics is a field that is mainly concerned with the assessment of moral decisions where medical issues are concerned. It includes the practical application of these moral judgements in a medical setting…
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Ethical Dimensions Of Medicine

Download file to see previous pages... There are different philosophical theories that can be used to describe or interpret the dfferent views concerning controversial subjects in medical ethics. David Hume lived in the 18th century and was a Scottish philosopher. Philosophical Theories on Issues in Medical Ethics Hume believed that reason, by itself cannot be presumed to be a motive of the will, but instead is subject to human passions(Mason and Laurie, 2010). He was of the opinion that in normal circumstances, moral distinctions are not the direct result of reason but of moral sentiments such as the emotions of blame or praise. Hume supported the view that there are intrinsic human sentiments such as the expression of vice or virtue; and also simulated actions like the human demonstration of justice. ones like the While some virtues and vices are natural, others, including justice, are artificial. According to Hume’s view, God formed the universe through different cycles; and He enabled man to be able to carry on his creative work. Moreover, He also gave free will to man. People, therefore, have the power to enact things that may not be a part of God’s will. The subject of medical ethics falls under this interpretation of what is right or wrong. The right to euthanasia, for instance, can be said to be an example of man’s ‘artificial’ justice which is not God-given but is the warped result man’s misuse of the free will that was extended to him by God. Immanuel Kant's theory, on the other hand, states that what guides the actions of man is 'rationality' (Mason and Laurie, 2010). According to Kant, human beings have the responsibility to perform what can be said to be 'reasonable' and not inconsistent. Kant stated that it was impractical to extend this responsibility in handling knowledge to the metaphysical arena. Kant stated that any moral obligation has to be applicable to all individuals in any circumstances and at any time. This means that any type of morality has to give evidence of a sound moral path in all circumstances and has to be useable to all people. From this view, a doctor’s care for his or her patient is basically a duty that has virtue. Immanuel Kant stated that, “only those actions which are performed for the sake of duty have moral worth” (Mason and Laurie, 2010). This definition alludes to a difference between inclination and duty. Kant’s views indicate a distinction between inclination and duty. If an individual has inclinations that support his or her duty, they have attained a higher moral development (Mason and Laurie, 2010). This means that Kant was of the view that it is a sacred duty to preserve life. However, if misfortune and hopelessness due to illness or manic depression life have removed all zest for life, the decision to euthanize has moral worth. Conversely, moral duty can be descriptive of preserving life in spite of adverse circumstances, not because of sentimental reasons, but because of a sense of duty. From the Kantian theory, one can surmise that the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of controversial subjects in medical ethics such as euthanasia is dependent on the morality of the agent. For instance, if the motive of the child of a terminally ill patient who wishes to end his or her life is in line with his or her sense of duty to assist the patient, the child’s assisting of the patient to kill him oe herself becomes a moral act due to the fact that the child ignored his or her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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