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What Pushes People to Migrate to Another Country by La Bestia Trains - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the study is to learn more about the reasons for the humans' migration, in particular in the USA, often despite the risk to their life. This paper aims to look for other causes to leave the Motherland besides difficulties with employment and the harsh climatic terms of the homeland…
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What Pushes People to Migrate to Another Country by La Bestia Trains
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Extract of sample "What Pushes People to Migrate to Another Country by La Bestia Trains"

Download file to see previous pages Among factors that have forced people out of the countries are insecurity and adventure. Apparently, most of the migrants from the two countries are poor and lack enough money to transport them to areas that will favor them. The migrants, therefore, decide to use the "la Bestia trains". Many people have come into the use of "la Bestia trains" since they pose many risks to those who use it. The migrants take advantage of the train and use it to travel to America. Conversely, the purpose of the trains is transporting goods from Arriaga that is 1400 miles away from U.S (Nazario, 2013). The trains, therefore are not meant for carrying passengers. What the migrants do is wait for the trains on the railways near their areas and jump on it. Many of them sit on top of the trains when they board. The American, Mexican and Guatemalan government, have come against the use of the trains since many people have died or lost their limbs when jumping on and off the train. According to report, hundred thousands of passengers have lost their lives as they try to use the trains. This paper will attempt to explain the push factors that force migrants to use the trains. The paper will also attempt to explain the risk that migrants might face. Finally, the paper will focus on the ways government in America, Mexico, and Guatemala might use to reduce or stop migrants from using the trains.
Poverty is one of the main factors that force migrants to use the trains. Most areas in the countries are underdeveloped since there are no resources that attract development. Most people in the countries seek refuge from developed countries neighboring them (Rose, 2012). The situation puts the people in a condition where they cannot provide themselves since there is nothing to sustain their lives in the areas. Most of them decide to migrate from their home grounds permanently (Scribner, & Appleby, 2013). Therefore, they decide using the freight trains as a means of transport to America where they can find comfort and availability of resources that will sustain their lives. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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What Pushes People to Migrate to Another Country by La Bestia Trains Research Paper.
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