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The Cult of Celebrity - Heroes & Celebrity - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Cult of Celebrity - Heroes & Celebrity" focuses on the fact that many individuals throughout the course of their lives, they seek to gravitate towards those who, in whatever way, stand out to them as being heroic and deserving of praise…
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The Cult of Celebrity - Heroes & Celebrity
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Extract of sample "The Cult of Celebrity - Heroes & Celebrity"

Download file to see previous pages Whether it be a hero or a celebrity, each possesses the ability to draw intense loyalty from those who feel they are deserving of it. In most cases, celebrities garner far greater attention through media coverage but as is the case with heroes, each through action is taken, have the chance to make an impact on those around them.
The similarity between celebrities and heroes would be the faithfulness they would draw from the general populous. A stark contrast between the two would be the underlying presence of garnering fame and attention, that many of those people labeled celebrities, seek to bring to themselves. For those in more of a hero position, they often times tend to do that which they do, from a standpoint of doing whats right versus whats wrong, instead of doing what may be socially acceptable and something that would give them great fame and power. In regards to an example of heroes, one that would come to mind, would be the men and women of the military that day in and day out, place themselves in harm's way for the greater good of all men. They seek to do so to assist others and not so that they'd be able to bring undue attention to themselves. With regards to the world of celebrity, those examples would include George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Individuals that place themselves in the public eye and are attention grabbers. The individuals who grace the covers of magazines and newspaper advertisements.
Especially in the era after September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, when millions were left scared and bewildered, the need for heroes became far greater than it had beforehand. The need to have those individuals that seek to fight and defeat any foe that may cross their path. Whether it be a physical opponent or an inanimate object, a hero is someone that many seek refuge with when it comes to regaining a sense of security and normalcy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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