Using one or two specific programs as examples, discuss the philosophy behind the New Deal and how well it was implemented - Term Paper Example

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The guiding philosophy behind the New Deal during the time of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt was that the government has to step in as an emergency government response to the devastating effects of the Great Depression. …
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Using one or two specific programs as examples, discuss the philosophy behind the New Deal and how well it was implemented
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"Using one or two specific programs as examples, discuss the philosophy behind the New Deal and how well it was implemented"

Discussion The New Deal was the government’s response to the exigencies brought about by a collapsed stock market that started on October 29, 1929 and made worse by panic selling in stock prices that were pushed down further by opportunistic traders who used short selling. The net effect was that a lot of people saw their savings and investments wiped out resulting in massive losses in wealth; many people lost their jobs as well. Other negative effects were a very high unemployment rate conservatively estimated at 25% of the total workforce and big asset deflation cycles resulting into a worldwide economic depression not seen in history. The Driving Ideas – ideas behind the New Deal program of the FDR administration was contained in the so-called three R’s, namely: immediate relief for the millions of people who were thrown out of their jobs and their homes, recovery for the economy in the shortest time possible by stimulus spending. Read More
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...with assumptions. These assumptions concerned the responsibility regarding the national welfare done by assuring high level activities of the economy. According to Hoover’s critique, Roosevelt took long to reveal programs behind the New Deal during the campaign for the presidency, and was concerned that the newly come president would risk sinking America into deficit spending at the expense of the New Deal. There was consultation done between Roosevelt and Hoover, nor did Roosevelt involve Hoover in government at all while he was still the president. The "Hundred Days" President Hoover called for a unique session of Congress which...
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..., therefore, reduced the suffering experienced by many during the depression. It is also true the new deal introduced laws and policies such as the federal deposit insurance corporation, and the social security that are characteristics of the American life. There are programs like which were not implemented because World War II begun. Such programs were to improve on antimonopoly philosophy. Kennedy explains that depression ended during World War II because government spending was diverted to the war. This was by mass production of weapons and other materials that would enable America to win the war. It was during the war that America...
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...The New Deal also recognized the fact something urgently needed to be done to revitalize the sick capital market. Federal Securities Act was passed in 1933 and this lead to the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission poised to regulate the stock markets and to assure a full disclosure of the stocks being sold in the market.21 There is no denying the fact that the adoption of these measures intended to regulate and guide the capital markets were of critical importance in these times, so as to help the small investors and to arrest the shrinking investor confidence. Hence, while assessing the effectiveness and usefulness of the New Deal, it does...
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...and deprivation. In addition, the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act of 1999 required all benefit claimants to attend interviews to discuss entitlement. Benefits of the New Deal The DWP report credits the New Deal programme with helping almost two hundred thousand people over 25 into work since 1997. With New Deal 50 plus, the report goes on to say that the employment rate for older workers has increased from 64.7 per cent in 1997 to 70.0 per cent in 2003. And the New Deal has contributed to over 493,000 young people moving into work which has cut unemployment in this...
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...A COMPARISON BETWEEN NEW DEAL'S FIRST AND SECOND ONE HUNDRED DAYS The New Deal: Combating the Great Depression The New Deal was the that US President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the programs and promises he pursued in 1933-1938. It aimed to give relief to the poor, reform the financial system, and recover from the economic degradation caused by the Great Depression. It represented a significant shift in both the political and domestic policy of the US, with results such as increased federal government control over the money supply and the economy as a whole (Chandler 1970)....
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...The New Deal The New Deal era in America had its beginnings in 1920’s and officially spanned from 1933 until well into the 1960’s. Although this period is historically viewed as the beginning of modern liberalism, this period of reforms due to an economic catastrophe had no ideological regularities. The Government formed programs to help alleviate a country suffering from severe economic depression following the stock market crash of 1929 and was not principally concerned from which ideological faction the ideas originated. President Roosevelt (FDR) along with advocates of the New Deal within the...
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...New Deal Programs New Deal Programs were part of U.S government agencies and were started as part of a new deal of the then president, Franklin Roosevelt. These agencies were created in order to fight depression in the United States. They were created during Franklins first 100 days after he commenced office in 1933.Others created in the 1930s were U.S Housing Authority, Federal Loan Agency. Others were created in 1940s for war and included Office for war information and the office of censorship. Firstly, there was AAA whose full name was Agricultural Adjustment Act. This was created in the year 1933...
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