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Pelvic Floor - Literature review Example

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Running head: PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES Pelvic floor exercises for mothers during the antenatal period (name) (school) Pelvic Floor Exercises for Mothers during the Antenatal Period Introduction The antenatal or the prenatal period represents a time critical to fetal development…
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Pelvic Floor
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Download file to see previous pages This study shall discuss the importance of pelvic floor exercises for the antenatal mother. It shall consider literature on this topic on the benefits of pelvic floor exercises. It shall also discuss possible recommendations for the use of pelvic floor exercises in the future practice. This study is being carried out in order to establish a clear and comprehensive understanding of the current subject matter. Discussion In a paper by Reilly,, (2003) the authors set out to establish whether the supervised pelvic floor exercises during the prenatal period would decrease postpartum stress incontinence in primigravida mothers with bladder neck mobility. Their study was carried out as a single blind and randomized controlled trial in the prenatal clinic in a UK NHS Trust Hospital. It covered about 260 primigravida mothers seeking prenatal care in the clinic at about 20 weeks gestation with bladder neck mobility (Reilly,, 2003). The study called for the respondents to attend supervised pelvic floor exercises as assisted by a physiotherapist on a monthly basis from 20 weeks of pregnancy. The control group did not undergo any pelvic floor exercises. The study revealed that, as compared to the control group, less postpartum stress incontinence was reported by women who underwent supervised pelvic floor exercises. ...
In another study Morkved and colleagues (2003) set forth that urinary incontinence is a major health issue which often decreases the quality of people’s lives. Risk factors for this condition include pregnancy and vaginal delivery. Their study set out to establish whether intensive pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy could prevent urinary incontinence. The authors carried out their study as a single-blind randomized controlled trial at the Trondheim University Hospital with about 300 nulliparous women who were assigned to undergo either pelvic floor exercises muscle training program or no pelvic floor training at all (Morkved,, 2003). The study revealed that there were fewer women in the training group who experienced urinary incontinence at 36 weeks of pregnancy and 3 months after their delivery. The study established that the intensive pelvic floor exercises assisted in preventing urinary incontinence among women during and after pregnancy. In a study by Oliveira,, (2007) the authors set out to assess the impact of pelvic floor muscle training among 46 pregnant women. The authors divided the women into 2 groups, the exercise and the control group. The assessment of the pelvic floor muscle was carried out through the digital vaginal palpation via the strength scale. The study revealed that the pelvic muscle strength became stronger for women in both groups during the pregnancy period; however it proved to be stronger among women in the exercise group (Oliveira,, 2007). The authors concluded that through pelvic muscle floor training, an increase in the pelvic floor muscle pressure and strength at pregnancy was made possible. This is an important development for pregnant women because stronger pelvic muscles help ease the delivery ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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