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Managerial End User Responsibilities in Information Systems Your First name, Your middle initial, Your last name Name of your university here Managerial End User Responsibilities in Information Systems In order to better understand a manger’s responsibilities in information systems, first let’s briefly define the role of a manger in general…
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End User
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Managerial End User Responsibilities in Information Systems Your First Your middle initial, Your of here Managerial End User Responsibilities in Information Systems In order to better understand a manger’s responsibilities in information systems, first let’s briefly define the role of a manger in general. A manager’s role is to help build the company. Building a company in reference to the role of a manager means bringing on staff, presenting an organized structure for the staff and overseeing and directing the organized structure. The staff is very important in the structure and building of a company. The staff looks to the manager for direction in all aspects of the business. The staff is the end user in any new technology or programs implemented in the business. The staff’s understanding of new technology or programs implemented depends heavily on the direction of the manager. The responsibility of a manager exemplified in the final outcome of end user information systems is through implementing a system of successful learning. End User Satisfaction (EUS) is critical to successful information systems implementation (Au, Ngai, Cheng 2008) In several studies there has been a proven decline in performance and quality of work when new information systems are implemented. This is due to end users having to learn a new system yet produce if not more the same amount of work. The time and training for learning a system can become costly. To responsibly put this new system into effect a manager should first consider before purchasing the system what’s the ratio of user control to the controlling of the user. In other words better user control would be more adaptable in the end user learning the system than the system controlling the user. The systems are usually developed by designers who don’t know the specific needs of the user. So user control is very important. Also forming focused training sessions instead of individual “trying to figure it out with the instructions” would be cost effective. A follow through would incorporate weekly or monthly checks. References Au, N.; Ngai, E. W. T.; and Cheng, T. C. E.. 2008. "Extending the Understanding of End User Information Systems Satisfaction Formation: An Equitable Needs Fulfillment Model Approach," MIS Quarterly, (32: 1). Read More
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