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Taxation - Research Paper Example

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Taxation One of the foundational aspects of society are it tax systems. Taxation is a fee added on to spending and income that goes directly to the government to fund projects for the public good. Taxation has a long-history in organized society. Indeed, the first known tax system occurred in Ancient Egypt in the first dynasty of the Old Kingdom (Olmert, p…
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Download file to see previous pages... instituted the first regulated and sustainable tax system (Olmert, p. 41). Today tax systems have evolved to include a multitude of forms. There are taxes on income, property, and goods and services, with varying rates according to annual salary. The nature of such tax systems, while in many ways essential to the functioning of society, has raised a great degree of controversy. This essay considers the nature of the tax system in relation to whether taxes should be applied. From an overarching context, taxation is used by the state government to advance a variety of collective social needs. There are a variety of ways that taxation benefits society. One of the most prominent ways is through infrastructure that allows society to function at the most basic level. In these regards, there are a great many aspects of society that are necessary for the very simple tasks of operation. Taxation goes to pay for roads, interstates, traffic lights, and traffic signs (Xavier, p. 111). In addition to specific infrastructure elements, taxation goes to pay for many utility and telecommunications processes. Furthermore, taxes fund the police and fire departments. These departments then ensure the safety and well being of society. Without these basic contributing elements then the very social order would disintegrate and society would not be able to function in the way that it currently does. Another way that taxation benefits society is through general social welfare and public works projects. In these regards, taxation functions as a sort of safety net for all members of society. Within this spectrum of consideration one recognizes that taxes contribute to elements including food stamp programs, welfare, unemployment, social security, and Medicare (Xavier, p. 111). This aspect of taxation is highly significant as it indicates that society is able to care for its sick and injured. This also creates the necessary elements required for general social well being. One considers that recently President Obama implemented a universal health care system where members throughout society would be given the opportunity to opt into the health care program. While funding for this occurs from a variety of inputs, one of the fundamental contributing factors is general taxation. Ultimately, then this system ensures the health care of members of society that would otherwise not occur. In addition to these considerations, there are more abstract perspectives on taxation as a badge of the social good. This perspective considers that paying taxes marks an individual as a member of society. Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, is noted as saying, “Every tax, however, is, to the person who pays it, a badge, not of slavery, but of liberty” (Smith, p. 704). This perspective is largely entrenched in the notion of the social contract. As a political philosophy the social contract considers that an individual that operates within society does so as within the confines of a social contract. This involves not harming one’s neighbor, not committing crimes, and contributing to the general social good in a variety of ways. Taxes then constitute the ultimate articulation of the social contract as one is directly contributing their income and wealth to the general social good. This then is the recognition that taxes, above the direct social contributions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Direct Vs. Indirect Taxation

The author states that all the economies in the world are faced with a dilemma either to charge direct or indirect taxes. There’s no consensus yet, but both sides of the arguments have been able to muster some support. Certain economists support the point of view that all taxes should be direct, whereas others are of the opinion.

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International Taxation - Transfer Pricing
[Shaxon, N. (2012)] In order to acquaint with the concept of transfer pricing, consider two companies, that is a parent companies and a subsidiary company or two subsidiaries that have the same parent company, actively involved in trading with each other.
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International Taxation - International Taxation and Foreign Tax Credits
In order to promote this dynamism, it is necessary that the U.S. government collect taxes from income that is earned only within the nation and companies that are earning profit outside the U.S. boundaries should be allowed to follow the tax rules of the countries in which they are doing business.
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Taxation Research Paper
Various goods, such as national security have been identified as unique factors suited by the government while factors such as education are provided in both private and public sectors. Globally, different countries have different measures concerning whether they should provide certain goods, in private or public sectors (Papadimitrio 21).
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Taxation policy and Gifts
The car, which was valued at 28,000 dollars at the time of issuing (2004) was subject to taxation, from both Oprah and the audience as well. The gifts issued to the audience were a form of income earned, which is subject to taxation.
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Individual income tax. USA Indiana state laws
She has set a section of her home, one-half of one of her rooms, which therefore is exclusively for her to work. The taxpayer has installed a swimming pool in her rural home in Indiana. Following a recent car accident, the doctor recommended that she use the pool to aid n the process of healing by strengthening her muscles.
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Government Taxation
In the United States, there are three main types of taxes which almost every citizen has to pay. The three are income tax, sales tax, and property tax. This paper seeks to discuss the three and make a comparison
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Tax Havens and Canadian Taxation
This tax regime not only exists in this foreign country, but such investors and individuals can take advantage of this offshore system to evade paying taxes even in their own countries. Anyone can operate in an offshore jurisdiction. It does not require these
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Taxation - research
Any person receiving alimony is considered to be receiving income thus taxable and should report to income tax returns. Alimony payment is deductible to the person paying thus reducing tax liability. The person receiving
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Under I.R.C. § 6501(c) (4) the IRS can extend the period of assessing tax beyond the 3-year period in case the taxpayer signs an agreement to
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