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The paper "Vascular Dementia" describes what ischemic attack commonly referred to as TIA, usually, lasts for twenty-four hours. It is a neurologic dysfunction which results from blood deprivation of one or more parts of the brain. It causes blurred or loss of vision, dysarthria…
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Vascular Dementia
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Vascular Dementia A) Explain to the family what is occurring with the client The patient is undergoing transient ischemic attack commonly referred to as TIA, usually, lasts for twenty-four hours. It is a neurologic dysfunction which results from blood deprivation of one or more parts of the brain. It causes blurred or loss of vision, dysarthria, aphasia and mental confusion associated with loss of memory. The formation of thrombus or clot in the blood supply and alarming rate of vasoconstriction may lead to Ischemia. The patient was diagnosed with heart disease six months previously and presently with vascular dementia which is the loss of memory caused by many minor strokes.TIA and Vascular Dementia both are associated with diseases of the heart like hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. Males aged above 55 years of age and having a family history of stroke are at a greater risk. (Acton. 2012)
B) What treatment modalities would be appropriate for the client at this time?
The cause should be diagnosed by the imaging of the brain and an electrocardiogram. Sometimes surgery endarterectomy is requisite for removing the plaque, thrombus or clot from the carotid arteries. However, a stroke can occur during the procedure. In case of emergency situations, medication such as anticoagulants is given. Heparin, warfarin or the anti-platelet medication such as aspirin are prominently used. These drugs help in thinning the blood thereby minimizing the probability of thrombus formation and the travel of clot towards the brain. The platelets are not allowed to stick together. If the problem does not resolve after aspirin treatment then a combination of aspirin and dipyridamole is given.
The patient should take care and bring a clear change in their life styles by quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits, weight loss, and regular exercise. (Acton. 2012)
ActonQ. A. (2012). Transient Ischemic Attack: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional. Medical, cardiology. Scholarly Editions. Read More
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