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The other article on the factors which influence implementation of care screening tool for delirium is the advantages of using computer…
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Clinical Issue Article Analysis Step 4
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Running Head: Clinical Issue Article Analysis Step 4 Clinical Issue Article Analysis Step 4 Clinical Issue Article Analysis Step 4
1. Summary of article findings
Qualitative articles
The article on delirium in advanced cancer findings is that early assessment and intervention by Neuroleptics can treat delirium patients. The other article on the factors which influence implementation of care screening tool for delirium is the advantages of using computer based screening tools Confusion Assessment Method (CAM). The last article on caring for hospitalized older adults is the use of different strategies in assessing, preventing and managing delirium.
Quantitative articles
The findings of the article on Incidence, Prevalence, and Under-Recognition of Delirium in Urology Patients are that all healthcare members need to understand the diagnostic criteria and the utilization of tools used for daily assessment. The article on a pragmatic study exploring the prevention of delirium findings is that there is there is the need to use end-user support in the implementation of evidence based clinical decision support tools. The last article on Delirium Prevention for Cognitive, Sensory, and Mobility Impairments findings is that nursing protocols used will not be in a position of preventing delirium in elderly patients.
2. Trustworthy and validity of findings
The three qualitative and three quantities research articles have been thoroughly researched with the researchers using pre-intervention and post-intervention study as design and this makes the findings trustworthy and valid.
3. Conflict, gaps and overall conclusion from findings
There exist conflicts and gaps from the six articles as each provides a different conclusion and findings. However, in all the articles come to a similar conclusion as they provide different ways of dealing with delirium in hospitalized patients.
4. Applicability of findings
All the findings from these articles are applicable to the selected clinical issues which is the assessment and management of delirium in hospitalized patients.
Holroyd-Leduc1, R., Abelseth, G., Khandwala, F., Silvius, J., Hogan, D., Schmaltz, H., Frank, C. (2010). A pragmatic study exploring the prevention of delirium among hospitalized older hip fracture patients: Applying evidence to routine clinical practice using clinical decision support. Implementation Science, 5, 1-6.
Robinson, S., Rich, C., Weitzel, T., Vollmer, C., Eden, B. (2008). Delirium Prevention for Cognitive, Sensory, and Mobility Impairments. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, 22, 103-113.
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Flaherty, J. H., & Morley, J. E. (2004). Delirium: A call to improve current standards of care. The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, 59, M341-M343.
Foreman, M. D., Mion, L. C., Trygstad, L. J., & Fletcher, K. (2003). Delirium: Strategies for assessing and treating. In M. Mezey, T. Fulmer, I. Abraaham, & D. Zwicker (Eds.). Geriatric nursing protocols for best practice (2nd ed., pp. 63-75). New York: Springer.
Inouye, S. K. (2000). Prevention of delirium in hospitalized older patients: Risk factors and targeted intervention strategies. Annals of Medicine, 32 (4), 257-263. Read More
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