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Each and very well managed organization has codes of ethics and conducts that give directives as to what, where, when, how, why, and by who should a particular service be offered. This is more serious in the fields of professions such as medical. Information/data security and…
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CPOE, E-Signature and Risk Management Recommendations CPOE, E-Signature and Risk Management Recommendations for Nurses Each and verywell managed organization has codes of ethics and conducts that give directives as to what, where, when, how, why, and by who should a particular service be offered. This is more serious in the fields of professions such as medical. Information/data security and effective work plans never left out.
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
Medical institutions do handle and process a lot of information which need critical handle and management criterion to avoid lose or misplacement. Electronic systems, therefore, come into play by offering systematic, larger data storage capacity, simple/ quick means of data feeding, higher processing and retrieval speed e.t.c., which are needed in the case study.
Electronic Signature
Secure information management system ensures integrity and trust with individual and others’ personal information. In this case, enhanced security measures should be initialized. For example; biometric signing in and out, immediate automatic log out when a computer is idle, and always encrypt information so as to be accessed the intended recipient only.
Risk Management Recommendations for Nurses
For this scenario, the nurse should have either completely attended to the first patient before diverting her attention to the next case or she could have called in another nurse or primary care practitioner and give instructions accordingly with proper documentation of the extent she had examined the patient. Alternatively she could have procedurally handed over to the next shift of nurses before leaving the hospital.
Of all of the issues in this scenario, which one is the most troubling to you? And why? (Ethics and professionalism really are at question here.)
The fact that data/ information in the Case Study health institution is never handle with the expected care and given proper security is the most troubling issue. Professionally information is the key to success, meaning therefore that all that information kept in this institution forms the background of good management. Ethically, medical information of either inpatient or outpatient should always remain a secret between the doctor/nurse and patient for that matter. However, this scenario demonstrated neither ethical nor professional ways of handling such information in that on arrival at work the following day she found addition of medical records done, inappropriate web access, gained access to the narcotics, and a print out copy of the assessment left in the patient’s room.
Smith, C. (2004, April-June). New technology continues to invade healthcare: What are the strategic implications/outcomes? Nurs Adm Q, 28(2), 92-98. Read More
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