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The most common types of assault and battery a nurse can be criminally charged with - Research Paper Example

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This present paper is a nursing research paper; it aims at studying the most common types of assaults, and battery that can lead to the filling of a lawsuit against a nurse at the court of law for professional misconduct or violation of the nursing code of conduct. There are…
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The most common types of assault and battery a nurse can be criminally charged with
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher opted for this research topic because it cuts across as unique when compared to most of the nursing research topics, which nursing students as well as other researchers usually study. This new study will bring fresh approach in studying about the nursing profession. Most commonly, researchers dwell on investigating about specific issues revolving nursing care. However, in respect to the increased cases of misconduct by nurses, it is of essence to carry out a study that will not only inform nurses of some of the acts that they do, which fit as assault and battery, but it will also seek to discourage such misconducts among nurses.
From a student’s perspective, this research topic is important since it will enable the student to understand the clear distinction between assault and battery. Secondly, the nursing student will be able to know what acts or deeds constitute to either assault or battery. Thirdly, the nursing student will be able to know what the law says about assault and battery by nurses and the possible liability that an offending nurse can get because of his or her misconduct.
To the nursing profession this research topic will help to highlight on the issue of ethical practices within the nursing profession, that is, what acts fit as ethical practices within the nursing profession, and most importantly what acts fit as unethical nursing practices. Secondly, this research topic will be significant to the nursing profession because it will highlight on the issue of accountability enshrined in nursing care.
Johnstone (2009) notes that in the nursing profession, the practicing nurses have to be accountable to themselves, their patients, their employer (healthcare organization), the surrounding environment, which also includes the society and the nursing profession. In this regard, Johnstone (2010) stated that for every action that a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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