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The current paper highlights that people have experienced unusual and unnatural things taking place every day in their lives; one of such experience is hearing voices and seeing faces that do not exist. Different reasons are stated to explain such events when they occur. …
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Hearing Voices
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Hearing Voices Hearing Voices Introduction People have experienced unusual and unnatural things taking place everyday in their lives; one of such experience is hearing voices and seeing faces that do not exist. Different reasons are stated to explain such events when they occur. This writing focuses on the reasons due to which people hear voices and see faces that really do not exist. There can be probably millions of reasons due to which people hear voices that really do not exist, some of these reasons include: stress, lack of relaxation, emotional mood swings such as anger and frustration, and certain stimuli such as places and events even cause such incidents (NELSON, 2005, p.33).
One of the reasons due to which individuals hear different voices that do not really exist is that they have experienced a traumatic event at a certain point in their lives. These traumatic events include: being bullied at school or workplace, changing schools frequently, loosing a loved one such as family members or intimate partners, experience of abuse or having experience of observing an abusive act, stress of work and being victimized of certain criminal activity (LARKIN, 2006, p.162). Such events leave a negative mark on individuals and such events change how individuals and other view them. The thoughts of such events and people have been linked with hearing super natural voices (MCCARTHY, 2012, p.296).
Hearing voices have even been linked to the religious world, in such cases people report that they have been in communication with a higher being such as god (SCHMIDT, 2000, p.100). Such an act may change the life of an individual and person experiencing such events may believe that he/she is destined to fulfill the commands of God or a higher being. People experiencing such activities may start operating in accordance to the messages they have received from a particular voice such as the voice of God or Evil (GLAS, 2007, p.323).
The physical health of an individual has always been linked with the emotional and cognitive health of an individual, hearing non-existing voices have been linked with people who experience some kind of physical impairment or injury (CAMPBELL, 2012, p.43). The same activity has even been linked with people who do not get enough sleep or fear events and situations. Certain cognitive disorders have even been linked with the act of hearing voices, for example: people suffering from anxiety disorders may end up hearing voices that may warn them of certain places and events and due to these voices, individuals do not take the risk of conducting a particular act or coming in contact with certain stimuli (PERRY, 2011, p.76).
People experiencing voices may be advised by psychiatrists that they are in the state of psychosis, psychosis is a psychological disorder and the individual experiencing this disorder becomes unable to see and hear things the normal way they used to (ANDREW E, 2008). Such people might enter in the state of paranoia and may start accepting events that are very hard for others to believe (ESCHER, 2002).
People complain that they experience voices and they have no idea where these voices are coming from, there are several reasons associated with such activity, reasons may include: traumatic events, bad physical and mental health (RITSHER, 2004).
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