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I was fortunate enough to be able to interview a gentleman named Ron, who is a 63 year old Veteran and currently resides in Manchester, New Hampshire. Ron and I spoke by telephone on his experience in the United States Marine Corp. Ron was drafted into the Marine Corp at the…
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Interview a veteran using these questions (be descriptive)
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Nursing I was fortunate enough to be able to interview a gentleman d Ron, who is a 63 year old Veteran and currently residesin Manchester, New Hampshire. Ron and I spoke by telephone on his experience in the United States Marine Corp. Ron was drafted into the Marine Corp at the young age of 18 and remained in the military for 17 years. Ron reached the status of Captain in the Marines and was also a Green Beret sniper, which provided him with the necessary training and skill required to take long distance shots at a specific targets during war time.
Ron served during a period of time when our Country was heavily involved in the Vietnam conflict, where he says that though death was a common occurrence, it was one that you never get used to; Ron did three tours in Vietnam, despite this. During times of peace Ron acted as a weapons instructor, training men on the firing range. “The hardest part of the military, initially, was basic training,” stated Ron, “later on it became the loss of human lives.” Basic training serves as a trial by fire proving ground for Marines, pushing them to their limits both physically and mentally.
Ron’s time in the military allowed him the opportunity to travel and he spent time in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Germany. The whole experience was one of learning and Ron says he most enjoyed that fact, along with the travel. After the military Ron became a successful Deputy Sheriff on the Special Reaction Team where he recently retired with a full pension.
Ron says his military experience taught him to view issues from all sides, though he does believe that the Government keeps soldiers to long in combat situations. He now takes the time to actually focus on what others are trying to communicate and also helps those Veterans who may not have been as fortunate as he. He says he has finally gotten more acclimated to a society that is anti-war and he see’s people in a different light, understanding that our differences are the very thing which unites each of us. Read More
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Interview a Veteran Using These Questions (be Descriptive) Assignment.
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