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Just like ethics that govern the medical practitioners, nursing researches are very vital in the world of medicine due to the fact that, they act as guidelines in medical services among other things ( In this regard, this paper is purposed to critically…
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Nursing research paper
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Coping skills training improves teen’s self-management of diabetes Just like ethics that govern the medical practitioners, nursing researches are very vital in the world of medicine due to the fact that, they act as guidelines in medical services among other things ( In this regard, this paper is purposed to critically examine a nursing research article, “ Coping skills training improves teen’s self-management of diabetes”, by focusing on its research Methodology, research question, type of sample and data analysis and most importantly expound on its two major findings.
Research question
The core purpose of this research was to determine the effect of educating diabetic school children and their parents on the various coping skills for the diabetic patients. This was due to the consideration of the fact that, more than any other group, the diabetic children, more so those in adolescents had shown poor response to diabetic medication which according to researchers was as a result of lack of coping skills (Grey 2009). As such the question guiding this research was, “does the coping skills training (CST) influence the individuals responses to type 1 diabetes (T1D)?”
Research methodology
In this research quantative methodology was used, whereby, the researchers established two groups of school children who were diagnosed with T1D. One of the groups was trained on the coping skills while the other was just given the general diabetic education (GE). However, there were certain requirements for the participants whereby they were required to:
(a) Between the ages of 8 and 12 years;
(b) Diagnosed with T1D and treated with insulin for at least 6 months
(c) Free of other significant health problems;
(d) In school grade appropriate to within 1 year of childs age
Type of sample
The researchers anticipated to use one hundred diabetic children as their most effective sample. However, they only managed to use 73 participants whereby, 53 children in the CST group and 20 in the GE group.
Type of data analysis
In the determination of the results of the two groups, CST and GE, a correlation was established by the use of the standard deviation method, whereby 0.5 significance level, would have 98% power to detect a variance among the 2 group means of 04. 99% power to detect a variance among the 3 time means of .051, and 80% power to detect an interaction among the 2 group levels and the 3 time levels of .022, assuming that the common standard deviation is .04. However, this methodology was used on the assumption that the participants were a hundred as earlier intended. Additionally, descriptive statistics was used, whereby it was found that the majority of those who showed significance response to CST were predominately white and of high income (ibid).
Major findings
CST did not have the expected effect on child and family outcomes on the sample of school-aged children with T1D. Nevertheless, in line with its objective, there were very essential findings relating to behavioral problems associated with diabetic teenagers. Both CST and GE improved psychosocial outcomes for children.
Conclusively, Dr, Grey and her team found that Coping Skills Training (CST), is very fundamental to diabetic patients especially teenagers who compose the largest number of patients with difficulties in managing diabetes.
Grey, M. et el. August 2009. Effects of Coping Skills Training in School-age Children with Type 1 Diabetes. Journal of NIHPA Author Manuscripts vol. 32(4): 405–418. Retrieved on, 14th February 2012, from,
“Nursing Research”, ND. 14th Feb, 2012. Retrieved from, Read More
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