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Some of these methods include interviews, observation, code transcription, and thematic analysis (Houser, 2008). Another method, grounded theory, is among…
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Qualitative Methods
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Qualitative Methods Number) Qualitative Methods Qualitative research involvesnumerous techniques and strategies and techniques for data collection as well as analysis. Some of these methods include interviews, observation, code transcription, and thematic analysis (Houser, 2008). Another method, grounded theory, is among those focused on for this week of discussion. Grounded theory, a form of content analysis, involves the process of continually reviewing the data gathered, improving the research questions, and re-assessing the changes that were applied, in order to derive a substantive theory (Flick, 2009). In this method of qualitative research, the theory developed should be flexible enough to be able to cover a broad variety of varying instances more understandable, in such a way that it makes sense of the whole picture, and not just an aspect of it (Charmaz, 2007).
This specific method may have a great impact on the mini-project. One of the capacities of the grounded theory method is that it can analyze and understand current social situations, such as spirituality in nursing, and then predict the changes in the said situations (Schreiber & Stern, 2001). Indeed, the basic steps of grounded theory shaped the steps utilized in the thematic analysis of the mini-project. For example, after the interview, although the questions were not really improved or refined, the coded transcriptions were compared with the results of others, in order to allow the relevant themes to emerge. After the said themes materialized, they were again re-evaluated through their comparison to other literature. By doing so, the mini-project was able to achieve an aim of grounded theory, which involves extracting the common meanings of experiences from individuals undergoing common experiences (Jannetti, 2005). More importantly, at the end of the mini-project, it was also able to provide a meaningful course for action (in promoting spirituality in workplace), which is something Birks and Mills (2011) stated that is achieved by grounded theory.
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Qualitative Methods Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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