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Nursing home administration - Assignment Example

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Why is it important that the administrator, medical director and the director of nursing to have a good and transparent relationship between each other? In medical and nursing homes, normally, there are three distinctive leadership roles provided at the nursing home in order to ensure the smooth running of the medical operations at the nursing home…
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Nursing home administration
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Download file to see previous pages He is normally the key advisor to the senior most leaders like the chairperson and the vice-chair person of a nursing home. His general responsibilities include the provision of the managerial as well as the business administrative affairs of a nursing home. He also helps to budget, providing expertise in the medical fields related to finance, providing strategic plans, collection of the revenue as well as expense controlling, heading the human resource department, program developments, research grant administration, space maintenance, managing information systems as well as the contract agreements with the stakeholders of the nursing home. He also provides leadership to the nursing home in the event that the chair and the vice of the nursing home are not available to discharge their administrative functions to the nursing. Medical director This is a person who helps to provide a medical perspective expertise in the medical field of the therapeutic applications as well as the renal products applications. He plays a key role in the provision of the reviewing as well as the oversight services in the clinical matters regarding the new product development of the nursing home (Polifko-Harris, 2004). ...
Moreover, he also functions to provide the consultancy services to a nursing home in order to help in the engineering of the functions that help to support the label changes of a nursing home, provision of the pharmaceutical vigilance services, the nursing home risk assessment as well as the evaluation of the nursing home product complaints (Booyens, 2004). Director of nursing This is a person is involved in the supervision of all the nursing personnel at a nursing home as well as establishing the necessary required nursing standards in a nursing home and how they can be maintained for a long time. He also provides the responsibility and accountability services required for nursing services. In addition, he advices the CEO, the HR, COO, the clinical managers as well as the medical staff in relation to the medical nursing services. Additionally he consults with the medical director in regard to the clinical issues that might emerge from a nursing home. Additionally, a director of nursing is responsible for the completion of the special medical assignments in a nursing home as assigned by the medical director as well as the implementation of the medical reports. Moreover, the director of nursing participates in the interviewing process of the medical staff. Furthermore, he participates in the planning, the implementation, as well as the evaluation of the nursing home programs and services. However, there are occurrences of some health cases in a nursing home that might end up causing the roles of each of the above officers to overlap. Such a scenario is so despicable to speak since the officers might end up engaging themselves in supremacy battles at the nursing home; causing many conflicts in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Home Administration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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