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Educational Website Evaluation - Research Paper Example

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Educational Website Evaluation Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Education Website Evaluation With the advent of sophisticated technologies, the accessibility to internet is growing at a much faster pace in the modern world…
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Educational Website Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Before healthcare professionals recommend any websites to patients, the must make sure of the quality of content and information is accurate to serve the purpose. Based on the given references, “accuracy” is a key factor to check the sources for content. The information may also come from more than one source. If the information comes from a reputed source, then it is good to use. For example, websites like gives users ample information on health topics. Within the site one can find links that provide information in details on recent outbreaks in the country, health and safety topics related to all diseases. Accuracy of particular site deals with the updating of the site, the quality of language, authentication of the site, appropriate links within the site, etc. In CDC on the home page itself the visitors can view “Health and Safety Topics” that takes them to a vast array of information on various diseases and prevention methods. They can also get A-Z information on all health topics as each topic is provided with featured links and sub-topics making the information easily accessible. For example, the “heart disease” topic will give the visitors links for coronary artery disease, symptoms and recommendations. However, relying on the internet for health information is a risky proposition as one cannot blindly believe on all the sites. Many times, people end up with websites giving them irrelevant or false information. Fortunately, the users can verify the contents of CDC and it is accurate. Regular users of internet can easily identify the genuineness of this website. While searching for right health information few aspects needs to be considered. These include whether the site is authorized, does it ask for personal information or whether it makes unbelievable claims. It is also desirable to check the “About Us” page of the site for finding the answers about the questions relating to the promoters of the sites. To a certain extent, the “site map” can also be helpful. In the “About Us” page of CDC one can get to know about CDC organization, mission and vision, their training and education and how they are connected with social media. These points are enough to answer the authorization of the site. Second factor is the author of the website, who must have “verifiable credentials” (Website Evaluation Guide, n.d., p.1). The author must be easily accessible through e-mail address or other contact details provided on the site. CDC gives the users the complete postal address and how to contact the owner through twitter and FaceBook – CDC tweets and CDC FaceBook Posts. Evaluating health websites is impossible without authorization and details of sponsor. When a person checks on the authority, two important things must be noted such as (a) why the site is created and (2) which sponsor runs the site? If the site is making unwanted claims to the user that means the site does not have a sponsor or proper author. If one takes the example of the earlier mentioned site he or she can find that the site is run by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In the “About CDC” page of the site, there is a link for “CDC 24/7” which gives you information on how “CDC officials” work with other health care providers to spread health awareness. This provides clear details of who runs the site and what is its purpose. Another important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Educational Website Evaluation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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