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Colorectal Cancer in the community - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Colorectal Cancer in the Community 1. Identification of the Problem Colorectal cancer is the third prominent frequently detected cancer and the second primary reason of cancer amid men as well as women in the United States. In the year 2009, about 49,920 deaths were reported from colorectal cancer in the nation (Health Community Institute, 2013)…
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Colorectal Cancer in the community
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, the cells in the colon and the rectum are distributed in a regulated manner. If cells keep dividing then new cells are not needed. If cells continuously get separated then new cells are not transformed which in turn results in the formation of tumor. However, if the tumor is identified to be benign then it is not considered to be vulnerable to cause cancer. Benign colon is a type of colon polyps. Risk factors related to colorectal cancer can occur from heredity, long-lasting ulcerative colitis. Colorectal cancer emerges when the tumor takes the form of malignant. Colorectal cancer is treatable if it is detected early but still it is the second leading cause of cancer in Miami, in the United States (Health Community Institute, 2013). 2. Select the County or City The community which has been selected for evaluating the increased level of vulnerability related to colorectal cancer is Miami population. Miami-Dade is one of the leading locations from which a number of new cases of colorectal cancer have been reported. It is observed that in Miami around 45.7 cases of colorectal cancer out of 100,000 population was recorded in between 2007-2009 This figure is considered to be quite high and the aim in terms of national target is to decrease the incident rate to 38.6 cases (per 100,000 population) (Health Community Institute, 2013). ...
Family history, drinking habit, smoking habit, a lack of exercise, high fat or protein diet can be amid the major causes behind colorectal cancer (Hernandez, Roy Chowdhury, Fleming, & Griffith, 2011). 3. Demographic Characteristics of the Place Both men and women are affected by colorectal cancer in Miami. Although from the precedent in Miami, it is found that white men are more vulnerable to colorectal cancer, the disease has been spreading in the recent history to the other demographic population as well irrespective of ethnicity and race. Age is not the significant factor for this disease as it may affect all the age group of people. However, there is a high possibility of malignant stage colorectal cancer occurrence after the age of 50. Family history also is a major factor which generates a high risk of colorectal cancer. In most of the cases, surgery is the main solution to remove the colorectal cancer or malignant tumour from the affected person. Colorectal cancer screening is of utmost importance to detect the disease early and to remove the malignant cells (Maule, 2013. This in turn can largely facilitate to save the life of people in Miami. 4. Geographic Boundaries Miami is the one of the leading and populous cities of the US. It situated in the Biscayne Bay near the Atlantic Ocean. The tourism industry is the main constituent of income of the people of Miami. The Miami’s government controls the local affairs. There are various program held by the Miami’s government to control the colorectal cancer. The primary focus of these programs has been to ensure early detection of the disease so that the patient can be cured permanently ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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