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Missed Nursing Care - Research Proposal Example

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: 4.0 Objectives On a more generalized approach or primary focus, this study is guided by the objective of examining and exploring broadly the effects of missed nursing care on patients who are hospitalized…
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Missed Nursing Care
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Download file to see previous pages The study will also focus on the objective of contributing to the existing research findings under the theme, which would be instrumental in guiding the future studies under the topic. Moreover, secondary objectives to this study are to develop policy recommendations that would guide the medical fraternity and more specifically the nursing teams in embracing their role in attending to the needs of the patients. It will also be a justification to direct future studies focusing to address the same or more related theme to the current theme under study. Scope of the study Many of the previous studies carried out under the theme of missed care and the effects on hospitalized patients have been strategically focused on qualitative analysis of the scenario and thus negate the quantitative/statistical evaluation. This study will therefore be instrumental and specific in analyzing the likelihood of occurrence of such errors as omissions and commissions and the empirical connection of these errors and the states of the hospitalized patients. ...
patients is related to consistency and strict observance of the necessary care, then the fatalities and unfortunate happenings to patients are to be blamed on missed care or errors of commission and omission. II. Hypothesis: deterioration of patients’ health as well as fatalities in hospitalized patients is directly related to missed nursing care. 5.0 Methodology Intervention designs Unlike research methods that are used by researchers to refer to distinct techniques that are applied while carrying out a research study, the research methodology describes the vast number of processes that a researcher involves while studying specific phenomena. Methodologies therefore refer to the systematic process through which a research study is carried out. Research methods are categorically part of the methodologies that are utilized by a researcher within the framework of carrying out a research study. This section describes the various procedures that will be used during the testing of the hypothesis, collecting of data and management of data upon which this study is based. The section additionally explains the methods that will be used during data analysis and the description entailing the scope of the procedure that will eventually lead to the answering of the hypothetical question that was generated to guide the whole study. Environment of the study Methodology is a critical step while carrying out a research study in that through literature review, one is able to know whether it is a study that has ever been done and if so the methods applied previously and the outcomes that were gotten. It therefore assists the research in determining whether his/her methods have been used in the past and what other methods have ever been used. Moreover, the methodology may depend on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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