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The Rising Cost of Obstetrics and Pre-natal Care in the U.S - Research Paper Example

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While costs for hospitalization and drugs have continuously gone up, costs of having a baby are even more expensive. Costs for maternity care and mother-and-baby care are continuously increasing and most private insurers do not want to cover pre-natal and new-born baby care. …
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The Rising Cost of Obstetrics and Pre-natal Care in the U.S
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Extract of sample "The Rising Cost of Obstetrics and Pre-natal Care in the U.S"

Download file to see previous pages For commercial coverage, a pregnant woman to deliver by vaginal birth will incur average payments of $12,500 while for cesarean childbirth the patient has to pay $16,983. In Medicaid, payments are down: vaginal births cost $6,117 and $7,983 for cesarean births. For both Commercial and Medicaid, payments are 25% lower. Commercial insurers have a record of 100% payment than Medicaid. (Truven Health Analytics, 2013, p. 17) Payments for both vaginal and cesarean methods go to professional services, surgical fees, therapeutic fees, and so on. Payments for maternal care are higher than childbirth. These payments go to facility fees, professional fees, laboratory charges, and payments for drugs, among others. (Truven Health Analytics, 2013, p. 18) Will Affordable Care Act (ACA) solve this problem of rising cost of childbirth? The ObamaCare wants to expand the responsibilities and benefits of Medicaid by discarding the preconditions and cover more benefits for pregnant women. If the Obama administration is able to fully implement the ObamaCare, then this might solve the problem. The Medicaid program can solve the problem by expanding the benefits and by strengthening its imbursement rate. One of the complaints against the Medicaid was its imbursement rate which was too low (Chua, 2006, p. 2). Enrollees had to search for private insurance to have more benefits. But if this discrepancy is corrected, then American women might change their minds. Through the Affordable Care Act, the administration has put more investments for health insurance in the amount of $10 billion annually for the next five years. The first goal is to digitize the health information system. The next step is to scratch away the...
The Rising Cost of Obstetrics and Pre-natal Care in the U.S.

The problem with cesarean births and the needed medicine has first to be addressed because of its high cost. The ObamaCare has also increased the coverage of Medicaid. This is one of the most significant phases of the law since Medicaid has a reputation of low imbursement rate. Added to this is the fact that it covers the poor and most vulnerable sector of society. Putting more emphasis on financing, the government can improve the performance of Medicaid and Medicare in order to improve quality of healthcare. High cost of medicine, hospitalization, and all the other allied expenses can be addressed adequately and fairly.
The ObamaCare must provide immediate help to the four million childbirths every year. The cost for this human phenomenon can be lowered to ensure that our young mothers and new-born babies receive the best quality-healthcare possible. Young pregnant women don’t know where to go. The government should address this by redirecting local governments to help solve the problem.
Present costs of vaginal and cesarean childbirths, from $32,093 and $51,125 respectively, have got to be reduced through government financing. The situation – that young pregnant women have nowhere to go and are struggling of the high cost of laboratory tests – can be reversed. The world must again feel that the American healthcare system is the best. That can only happen if Americans feel safe about their health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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