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Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Term Paper Example

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Health care facilities are instated for the ostensible reason of offering quality healthcare to the people that need these services. However, the healthcare sector has been experiencing various setbacks in its objectivity of offering high quality services to the public…
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Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
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The people that need these services are directly affected when the health sector is not up to their task (Thorpe and Cascio, 2013). Therefore, it is in the best interests of the health care sector to guarantee it has contained all its challenges and setbacks in ensuring the public is getting the much needed services without delay.

The stagnating problem in the health care sector is provision of high quality services that are affordable by all the people in the region. According to the recent statistics, many people find it hard to afford the health care services and in most cases, they have to struggle in acquiring such services (Elliott, 2012). They have constrained budgets and have to minimize these budgets to continue living. As such, some people find it a prudent idea to forego healthcare services as they find these resources useful in other needy situations. This is a repulsive problem in many populations that find health care services expensive (Shortell, Casalino and Fisher, 2010). Similarly, there is a stagnating problem when governing bodies try to improve the quality of health care and delivery of these services. The health care is marred with costs that are increasing with every move they take to improve the delivery of health care services (Rogers, 2006). As such, the healthcare sector is in a bizarre situation where it is trying to reduce costs in delivering affordable health care, but on the other hand, the costs keep bulging due to the need to improve the service delivery. (CMS Innovation Center, 2012). How Addressed by ACA The ACA created the centre for Medicare and Medicaid innovation to deal with the issue. The institution is crafted for the ostensible reason of perfecting health care delivery and focusing on the payment systems (The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, 2012). Similarly, the institution is mandated to support care coordination in the health care sector and enhancing professional practice in healthcare. This institution was instated to deal with the menace of high spending in the health care sector while dealing with provision of high quality services. There are various approaches that are used by the CMS (Sharamotaro, 2011). First, it was to test the delivery and payment models in the institutions which would be used to measure the improvement in service delivery. Secondly, the institutions considered relaxing some laws that were governing relationships in the financial sector especially directed towards the providers (Cosgrove, 2012). Thirdly, there was waiving of some acts in order to enhance testing. Some of the acts that were affected include the social security act. Pros and Cons There is both positivity and negativity in the approach taken by the institution. To begin with, there is positivity in that many people will have access to affordable medical care. The people that need these services will only spend part of their income in acquiring high quality healthcare services (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2012). Secondly, there is positivity in that people will have access to high quality services that are provided in the institution (Baron, 2012). Many institutions will step up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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