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Ethics and Moral Issues in Nursing - Term Paper Example

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Nursing: Term paper (Name) (Institution Affiliation) (Date) Introduction Nurses play a pivotal role in healthcare hence they have a responsibility to ensure they discharge their duties satisfactorily in order to realize the organizational goals and meet clients’ expectations (John (2010)…
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Ethics and Moral Issues in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages They also possess different roles and responsibilities in the organizations that confront them with ethical and moral issues such as decision making, relating with their colleagues, giving alternative healthcare to the patients, handling varying patient’s needs and issues of cross cultural and personal beliefs (Daly 2005). These issues affect their performance and quality of service they offer patients in their organizations. Ethical and moral issues in nursing Inexperience and lack of confidence Nurses undergo various stages in their career training and work performance (Daly 2005). During their training, nursing students undergo rigorous training in order to acquire general theoretical and practical knowledge that they will require to apply in their work. During the training, nursing students are taught on how to handle clients with different issues during in their work environment. The level of training and knowledge students acquire gives them confidence and courage to get out and attend their clients. After securing jobs, the graduate nurses face numerous challenges due to inexperience and great anticipations of the patients and employers. Normally experienced nurses are supposed to guide the newly recruited workforce in the organization on how to handle various day-to-day issues (Lachman, 2006). However, the workload is generally too huge to match the few nurses hence in most cases graduate nurses are left on their own to handle their problems. The environment itself poses great challenges since the graduate nurses are not able to handle daily problems due to the complexity and diversity of the problems. Alternative care Some patients do not necessarily require drugs for treatment (Daly, 2005). In some instances, nurses find themselves in a dilemma as whether they should administer patients with substitute’s medicine such as vitamin because they feel that some of those medicines they give to the patients may compromise their health status. Confidentiality of the patient’s information Nurses are required to maintain top secret of the information they gather from their patients (Daly, 2005). On contrary, they are required to share the details about patients with their colleagues so that they can be able to offer necessary assistance to the patients and save their lives. These results to complication regarding to the extent of information they are required to share and at the same time maintain patient’s details undisclosed. Failure to attend the patients The organization and the public expect nurses to handle various problems affecting patients (John, 2010). On contrary, some nurses may fear for their safety and refuse to attend patients suffering from certain diseases such as Aids and tuberculosis among others. However, in the recent past intensive training has increased health care givers boldness and they can effectively attend all patients without risking their lives. Relationship with their colleagues According to John, 2010), graduate nurses sometimes undergo short training period that barely acquaints them with appropriate knowledge to handle different issues at the work place. They may also experience a lot of oppositions from their colleagues. Therefore, the kind of work environment in which nurses are subjected to determines their performance and attitude towards that work. As nurses get used to their work, they are assigned different roles to perform in the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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