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Herbal/dietary supplements (PSYLLIUM) - Research Paper Example

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Herbal/dietary supplement (Psyllium) Name Professor Institution Course Date “Psyllium” is a soluble fiber applicable mainly for dietary purposes. The plant’s origin is from a shrub herb known as “plantago ovata”, which is found worldwide, but mainly common in India…
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Herbal/dietary supplements (PSYLLIUM)
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Download file to see previous pages “Psyllium” has also been applied to assist in regulation of blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. The medicine mainly works when it gets into contact with water, whereby it swells and creates a gelatine like mass that assist in transporting waste through the intestinal passage. Additionally, a number of studies affirm that huge intake of fiber decreases the risk of suffering from colon cancer. But when it comes to constipation the “psyllium fiber” is known to relieve pain. It works by stimulating the intestines to contract, and expand therefore assisting in speeding up the passage of stool through the digestive region. In areas like Asia, Europe and North America “psyllium” is mainly used as a laxative (Herald, 2013). Research also affirms that large intake of fiber diet may assist in reducing insulin, and blood sugar intensity, and also enhance cholesterol levels in people suffering from diabetes. In addition, to people that are at risk the fiber helps in reducing the chance of development of the disease. “Psyllium” is also used as a medicine to people with diarrhoea problems. The fiber works by soaking up large amount of water available in the digestive region therefore making stool firmer and reduces its speed of passage (Alphonse, 2011). “Psyllium” is mainly found in form of dry seeds or husks. ...
In children therefore it is mainly combined in their daily diet. Nonetheless, in adults it is mixed with warm water and taken immediately before it becomes thick. Doctor’s recommendations are also required when an adult is taking this diet supplement. This is done to reduce the risks of overdose. The diet supplements should be taken both in the morning, and at night thirty minutes before or after meals. Doctor’s directions should be strictly adhered, this is because a number of supplements are known to have adverse effects. Therefore “psyllium” should never be taken at the same as other medications. After taking it one is required to consume large amounts of water to avoid constipation. People with swallowing problems are not accountable to taking this kind of diet supplement, because it is required to be swallowed very fast to prevent it from becoming too thick and sticky to swallow. People suffering from kidney problems should seek a doctor’s approval prior to embarking in the intake of this diet supplement (Singh, 2007). The main side effects caused by “psyllium” include problems in breathing, stomach pain, problems when swallowing, skin rash and bloating. Therefore, if a patient experiences these side effects the individual should stop usage immediately. Additionally, excess intake of “psyllium” causes severe diarrhoea, and also an overdose causes constipation. This is because it hardens in cases of insufficient water intake thus obstructing the intestines (Alphonse, 2011). However, the advantages of taking “psyllium” as a diet supplements are massive. When taken it assists in eradicating harmful poisons from the body, thus improving the general health of an individual. “Psyllium” is an efficient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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