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Increasing compliance with asthma treatment (Noncompliance and poor compliance with asthma treatment has continued to increase c - Research Paper Example

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INCREASING COMPLIANCE WITH ASTHMA PATIENTS IN PEDIATRIC CARE Name: Tutor: Course: College: Date: Compliance in healthcare refers to the extent to which a patient’s behavior coincides with medical and health advice. Compliance is also acknowledged as adherence, even though adherence is less critical and has less negative effects…
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Increasing compliance with asthma treatment (Noncompliance and poor compliance with asthma treatment has continued to increase c
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Download file to see previous pages Meagre compliance puts pediatric patients in danger of more medical problem of continued disease. Non-compliance leads to difficulties in assessment of children’s condition. This is a cause for poor diagnosis and lowered quality of healthcare on the patient. Non-compliance causes the relationship between a patient and doctor to be complicated. For compliance to hold, it is important for the doctor to have a one on one relationship with the patient. Nearly a third of pediatric patients fail to comply with treatment in the short term. Non-compliance is not necessary dangerous or inappropriate in cases where patients fail to comply from fear of harm by the medication prescribed from their past experience and in cases where it is ‘intelligent non-compliance.’ Non-compliance takes various forms such as, failure to attend appointments, missing doses of medication. Patients may fail to make appropriate use of their inhaling device. Using an inhaling device wrongly could be intended or a mistake of competence on the patient’s part. Pediatric physicians are encouraged to ensure children patients are well advised on use of inhaling devices whether their parents or those in charge of them are available or not for the sake of emergencies. Compliance in pediatric patients is determined by certain factors such as the patient’s health literacy and their believe systems along with patient’s general education. Patient’s decision to comply is dependent on other factors such as side effects of medication on the patient. Pediatric readmissions are at times consequences of wrong or inadequate instructions on medication by the physician giving prescriptions. Non-compliance leads to further complications that cause patients to spend more time and money in the process of treatment. Approximately $8.5 billion is spent unnecessarily each year on treatments related to non-compliance to medication. Such treatments involve both medical visits and hospitalization other than the initial treatment. This data by the National Pharmaceutical Council implies that most caregivers or parents in charge of a child’s medical prescription fail to insist on the importance of adherence to the prescriptions provided. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to seek assistance from physicians in case of emergencies whenever they can. They are advised on good knowledge of handling techniques for asthma in most situations. The Joint Commission in 2008, allowed and encouraged children hospitals to base compliance reports of core values as Children Asthma Care three. These values are easy to `adopt for hospitals and are efficient in encouraging adherence to medication. Compliance to CAC-1 and two has been on a high note while compliance to CAC-3 has yielded little (Krasnegor 2011). . In bid to reduce the number of asthma pediatric patients re admitted to hospital, organizations have created home based management plans to aid in prescription adherence. The home management plan enhances the patient’s compliance after discharge. These initiatives require hospitals to commit to the process of creating adherence by developing an asthma-specific program. This program, “reminder and decision support” facilitates discharge of patients while availing administrative and clinical needs at home and school. Reminder and Decision Support gives advice on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Increasing Compliance With Asthma Treatment (Noncompliance and Poor Research Paper.
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