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The nurses responsabilties in prevention of medication errors - Research Paper Example

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Prevention in Medication Errors Name of Tutor Abstract Nurses roles and responsibilities are unique for the purpose of improving patient safety due to their inherent proximity position to patient , this can be inferred from medication administration, which form critical part of nursing practice with high risk of errors occurring…
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The nurses responsabilties in prevention of medication errors
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Extract of sample "The nurses responsabilties in prevention of medication errors"

Download file to see previous pages Based on individual and systematic approach medication errors are grouped into two i.e. active errors that result from non compliance with the procedure and latent errors that emerge from problems within the system environment or structure. It has been noted that latent errors pose the greatest risk to patient safety in comparison to active errors. Medication errors though can not be completely phased out; their frequency of occurrence can be reduced by the nurses’ responsibilities in prevention of medication errors through; Acknowledgment of error, right measures in medicine administration, proper calculation of dose and healthcare management. Nurses’ unique position in reverence to patient proximity and healthcare delivery facilities put on them roles and responsibilities that address medication errors, which result to patient safety Acknowledging and Reporting Errors Medication errors can not addressed if they are not identified and reported, (Friesen M.A., Farquhar M.B. &. Hughes R, 2005), medication errors are often underreported, this may be due to burdensome documentation requirement in the process, unclear medication errors requirement without adverse implication, inability to report errors and also perception that reporting medication errors would not influence any changes (Friesen M.A, Farquhar M.B & Hughes R, 2005). Failure to recognize and report medication errors impedes effort to acknowledge errors hence no response toward errors that have occurred. Medication Preparation and Administration Nurses have roles to play toward medicine preparation and administration to the patient which is a medication safety measure requirement that translate to reduction of medication errors. (Athanasakis E, 2012) Medication preparation and administration measures involve safe environment insurance for the purpose of medication preparation; this can be achieved through labels or reminders that discourage interruption and also enhance concentration in the process, e.g. “DO NOT INTERRUPT” signpost labels (Athanasakis E, 2012). Imposing double checking of medication by separate nurses should be mandatory, especially in medication that involves high risk of adverse effect (Athanasakis E, 2012). Nurses should implement five right rules that encompass (right medication, right dose, right route, right time, and right patient) in medication preparation and administration (Athanasakis E, 2012). In addition, nurses should ensure apparent medication separation either by color or name and appropriate labeling, administration of medication once prepared and counter checking to ensure the medication is being administered to the right patient (Athanasakis E, 2012). Dose Calculation Skills and Nursing Education As Athanasakis E point out, “In a study, to assess unsafe events for patients, found that 56% of Unsafe events related to medication errors and 20% of those associated with lack of nursing student skills.” (Athanasakis E, 2012, p. 776). Yet most nurses believe that what they knew about dose calculation is sufficient (Athanasakis E, 2012); hence dose calculation skills remain to be the nurses responsibilities in prevention of medication errors this can be address through continuous nursing education. Measures Concerning Nursing Head Administrator Nurses’ administrators have fundamental roles and responsibilities of management of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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