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Haitian Culture Communication 22nd, January, 2013 Haitian Culture Communication 1. Identify your cultural ancestry. If you have more than one cultural ancestry, chose the one with which you most closely associate.  My cultural ancestry is Haitian…
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Haitian Culture Communication
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Explore the willingness of individuals in your culture to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Can you identify any area of discussion that would be considered taboo?  Haitians tend to prefer oral communication to written communication. Haitians tend to express themselves directly on most matters. However, communication regarding matters that are religious, poitical, and personal tends to be less direct. Moreover, conflict especially with individuals of higher economic status is somehow considered a taboo and a Haitian would rather indicate agreement than disagree (Kemp & Rasbridge, 2004). Most Haitians tend to hide their illiteracy and may agree with heath workers by nodding even when they do not understand something (Desrosiers & St. Fleurose, 2002; Colin, 2008). 3. Explore the practice and meaning of touch in your culture. Include information regarding touch between family members, friends, members of the opposite sex, and health-care providers.  Amongst Haitians, touch is often associated with friendliness and occurs often when families and friends are having a conversation. Touch is thus common in casual conversations. It is used to attract the other party’s attention. Moreover, touch by caregivers is appreciated. However, the type of touch used (e.g. tap, kiss, handshake, hug, kiss) depends on the level of familiarity (Kemp & Rasbridge, 2004). 4. ...
The distance is considered a sign of integrity and respect for authority since men are considered heads of families. Additionally, Haitians may keep some distance while talking to strangers. Therefore, Haitians keep a distance of approximately 1-2 feet while communicating with family and friends. Adults do not share space with children. Haitians tend to keep some distance with health caregivers (Colin, 2008; Dutta, 2008). 5. Discuss your culture’s use of eye contact. Include information regarding practices between family members, friends, strangers, and persons of different age groups (cook ross, 2011). Eye contact is common while people who are friends are greeting each other or talking. It is considered a sign of respect. However, Haitians avoid direct eye contact with elders and people in authority. Additionally, prolonged eye contact is not appreciated and often viewed as rudeness. Acculturated Haitians often maintain prolonged eye contact. Moreover, children should not maintain prolonged eye contact while communicating with elders since it is viewed as disrespect (cook ross, 2011). 6. Explore the meaning of gestures and facial expressions in your culture. Do specific gestures or facial expressions have special meanings? How are emotions displayed? Facial expressions are important in Haitian culture. While communicating with friends, Haitians tend to use direct eye contact and expressive tones. Moreover, friends are likely to use other gestures like touching each other. However, Haitians prefer hiding most of their emotions such as of anger, fear, and people who express such emotions become a source of amusement. Nodding is often used as a sign of agreement. Generally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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