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Of the emergency room patient population, are visits negatively impacted due to extended wait times, nursing staff shortages, an - Research Paper Example

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SERVICE PROVISION IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS Name: Institution: The research problem in this analysis was identified as ‘Of the emergency room patient population, are visits negatively impacted due to extended wait times, nursing staff shortages, and high acuity?…
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Of the emergency room patient population, are visits negatively impacted due to extended wait times, nursing staff shortages, an
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Extract of sample "Of the emergency room patient population, are visits negatively impacted due to extended wait times, nursing staff shortages, an"

Download file to see previous pages The issue under consideration was to investigate the impact of wait times on the emergency room population. The research aimed to investigate the impact of waiting time on the emergency department patients in St Barnabas Hospital. The comparison was the availability of timely and effective service in the emergency department. The outcome of the research was that the conditions of patients who were kept waiting for long worsened. The research was carried out in a timeframe of one month in October 2007. The research of Munro et al (2007) was also considered in analyzing the research question. Munro et al (2007) conducted a research to investigate effective measures of reducing emergency departments’ waiting times and the impact of the reduction of waiting time. The population of the study was medical professionals that worked in emergency departments in England. The issue that was investigated by the researchers was to determine the measures that the emergency centers had put in place during the national monitoring week. The researchers were also interested in determining which of the measures were effective. It should be noted that the issue of long waiting times in hospitals in the area had become of major concern. The comparison was between the changes in waiting time during normal operations of the emergency departments and during the national monitoring week. ...
The third research that was analyzed in relation to the research problem was by Cimona (2010). The research was conducted at the Saint Rita’s Hospital in South Africa. The emergency department in this hospital catered for both casualty and medical emergencies. The study population was all patients who attended the emergency department in the hospital. On average, there were 120 patients per day and over the entire study period a total of 2,400 patients attended the hospital for the period of the study. A random sample of 30 patients were used for the study every day form Monday to Friday during the month of July 2010. The outcome of this research was that longer waiting time meant that patients suffered more sometimes leading to preventable deaths. For instance, a patient with severe injuries suffers more when he or she has to wait for extended periods before receiving the service of a doctor. The outcome of the study was that patient waiting time was affected by availability of emergency beds, number of nurses and general laxity in service provision. Thus, the number of available staff and their work ethic had an impact on the quality of service that emergency room patients could receive. The fourth research considered was a study by Arkun et al (2010). The study was conducted on a sample population of 1,543 patients in the emergency department at an urban Level II Trauma center. In this research, the comparison was between the door-to-doctor periods in the emergency department in relation to the level of satisfaction of the clients. The outcome of the study of the 1,543 patients was that the average wait time to see a doctor was 1.8 hours. Also, the average dwell time for the patients was obtained as 5.5 hours. Patients who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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