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Low Testosterone Levels in Relation to Depression - Research Paper Example

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This research paper mostly focuses on the recent explores that have indicated a positive relationship between testosterone levels and depression in men. The researcher of this paper indicated that the levels of this hormone affect how men respond to treatment regarding depression…
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Low Testosterone Levels in Relation to Depression
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Download file to see previous pages This is because; serotonin is a neurotransmitter that relays messages from one region of the brain to the other (Gonzales, et al., 2002). Therefore, the levels of testosterone hormones in an individual, determine their levels of serotonin. It is observed that the older male individuals who have low levels of testosterone have also low levels of serotonin. Thus, with low levels of serotonin, the rate of transmission and relaying messages in the brain is lowered, making an individual less active (Berglund et al., 2011). The less activity of an individual increases their levels of anxiety and consequent low moods, which are symptoms associated with depression. Serotonin is known to influence a higher percentage of brain cells, mostly those related with moods, sexual desire, social behavior, memory and learning, as well as sleep (Devina, et al., 2010). When the serotonin levels in the body are low, the levels of activity in these brain cells are also low; an aspect that promotes low moods, low memory and low social behaviors and interaction, which on the other hand promote depression. Therefore, whenever the brain cells are suppressed due to low activity or inactivity caused by the low serotonin levels, depression may arise, always preceded by stress as the preceptor of the brain cells (Carnahan & Perry, 2004). Therefore, it is observed that the relationship between testosterone levels and serotonin, have an influence on men’s depression. Depression is likely to be higher in women than men, until the age of 65, when the gender difference disappear, and the men become equally depressed as their female counterparts (Berglund et al., 2011). This is because, testosterone levels decreases with age in males, although the rate at which the decline...
This research paper focuses on a positive relationship between testosterone levels and depression in men. Such effective relationship that is a main focus of the essay, takes the form of low testosterone levels triggering depression causative agents, such as anxiety, low social activity, anorexia and insomnia. As male individuals grow older, their testosterone levels decrease. The researcher provides a reference, that for men aged between 20-40 years, only 1% has a diagnosys for low testosterone levels. Therefore, men who are above the age of 55 years are observed to have a low level of testosterone hormones. Low testosterone levels are also observed to affect the Serotonin levels in the body and notably the brain, which in turn impacts on an individual body activity, moods and stress, causing depression. This has a large bearing not only on their psychological and emotional state but also may turn affects on their levels of depression. This essay also discusses the terminology and description of adult's depression itself. It is described that depression is likely to be higher in women than men, until the age of 65, when the gender difference disappear, and the men become equally depressed as their female counterparts. Therefore, testosterone treatment and replacement for men who does not respond to conventional depression therapy is highly recommended all over the world nowadays, though with a clear scrutiny into the likelihood of the testosterone replacement in causing cancer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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