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Death of a Wonder Drug - Book Report/Review Example

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The Death of a Wonder Drug Name Institution Date Review of the Video: The Death of a Wonder Drug The video, the Death of a Wonder Drug is actually a documentary of the aftermath of September 2004, after Merck, a giant pharmaceutical withdrew its popular painkiller VIOXX from the market voluntarily…
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Death of a Wonder Drug
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, its most striking effects are how the drug affected individual within the United States (Films Media Group 2004). The most disappointing thing is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and numerous pharmaceutical that were close to the Merck pharmaceutical and could not correct this menace before it affected innocent citizens. In fact, in most cases, these partners or collaborators were a concern to the funding for medications towards approval. The other shocking events are the actions of the sales staff that underwent trainings in order to dodge questions that were related to the risks that VIOXX could pose to the public and the health sector. The content of the video is both informative and heart wrenching. Apparently, the contents of this video are based on a true translation of what transpired with the VIOXX drug. The main reason why the content is justified to be a true narration is that the information through which the video was documented is actually based on reputable sources. The “Death of a Wonder Drug” video’s content describes how Merck marketed VIOXX thereby making a huge profit that translated to over one billion in its sales. Marketing of this drug aimed at swaying people emotionally in order to achieve normalcy in its usage. Additionally, the video content described the underlying risks that were associated with drug, VIOXX (CNBC, 20014). It might appear that the scientist who participated in developing the drug ignored the risks associated with drug (Films Media Group 2004). The aspects of the customers are also reflected in the video that provides a well-rounded synopsis of varied viewpoints. In fact, lawmakers are also portrayed as they got involved into this sager of the killer drug. If the content was not valid, then the involvement of the federal government could have not been reflected in the video. The topic in the video is fairly presented since the information from the video is from primary or first-hand sources. The video has limited use of secondary information. Additionally, everyone’s involvement in entire scum is reflected without any form of biasness (CNBC, 20014). The sale staffs hide the vital information that could have safeguarded the community from using the drug. Additionally, if they could have provided the right information when they were marketing the drug, then the incurred dangers and damages could have been evaded. The video is also trying to act as the avenues upon which different public institutions or organizations that are mandated to safeguarding the society especially in relation to health matters are NEVER concerned (Films Media Group 2004). For instance, portraying the failure of FDA in protecting the public safety may just be an avenue to show how most organization might not be up to their tasks. From the marketing point of view, consumers could not evade the use of the drug since the company assured them that the drug had valid medical values. However, it could have been the responsibility of the scientists behind the drug’s invention to protect the public from abusing this drug. It is on the fairground that the video tries to reveal that the Merck pharmaceutical was out to kill the public deliberately (CNBC, 20014). The introduction of the drug into the market and the consumption of VIOXX by consumers were not a matter of trial and error, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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