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Web Evaluation. The above website belongs to Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Dr. D’Adamo provides a clear understanding of how to control obesity based on an individual’s blood type…
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Web Evaluation. (, and
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Web evaluation assignment http The above website belongs to Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Dr. D’Adamoprovides a clear understanding of how to control obesity based on an individual’s blood type. Therefore, the doctor uses his knowledge on biochemistry, to recommend various diet alternatives for the different blood types. The doctor further provides that, many people engage in dietary methods without proper comprehension of their blood types therefore making a failed practice that does not bear fruits. Dr. D’Adamo thus, recommends various diets and exercise methods for the various blood types. For instance, people with blood type O do well on deep physical exercise and a diet that includes animal proteins and fewer intakes on dairy products and grains. Proper exercises for blood type O people include “aerobics, martial arts, contact sport and running”. For blood type A, Dr. D’Adamo proposes vegetarian diet and fresh foods. He further added that, type A are vulnerable to heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. The best exercise for them includes “yoga, and Tai chi”. When it come to blood type B, dr. D’Adamo said that they have a strong immune system, and a lenient digestive system. Therefore, excises such as “hiking, cycling, tennis and swimming” are well suited for them. Whereas for the blood type AB a combination of nutritional foods and exercises in blood type A and B is recommendable for them. Hence, through the knowledge provided by Dr. D’Adamo an individual can practice a healthy living. The websites provides information on how to manage weight through behavioral modification. Through the website one gains knowledge on how to live, a healthy lifestyle through use of correct nutrition and exercise, in addition to a positive outlook and the right kind of encouragement. For one to succeed in weight management the websites recommends increased energy, self-worth and personal control. Further, the website provides information on how to control your home environment by ensuring only the right foods are in stock around the home environment. The work environment can also be controlled by ensuring only recommendable foods are consumed, and unhealthy snacks are avoided at all cost. Basically, the website provides information on how one can manage the environment in which one lives to ensure only recommendable foods are consumed. The first lady of America in a bid to assist parents to raise their children in a healthy manner established this website. The website also provides the history on how we have so many children who are overweight and obese. Additionally it also provides ways in which parents can exercise a healthy eating habit for their children, to avoid excessive weight gain, which may lead to obesity. Physical exercise is also very crucial in ensuring a healthy lifestyle is adopted. Through physical exercises, one can avoid suffering from chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer and stroke. Therefore, the website provides parents with ways in which they can engage in a regular physical exercise with their children. Moreover, even adults are given guidelines on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Parents are thus recommended, to ensure their children eat healthy and engage in physical exercises on a regular basis to avoid obesity and weight gain. To my client Mrs. Davis I would recommend Dr. D’Adamo’s website. This is because, the website provides information on how to control weight gain by knowing the blood type of an individual. Many are the times when people use the wrong diets and exercises in a bid to reduce weight to no success. Therefore, through the information provided in the website, Mrs. Davis will know the recommendable foods and physical exercises to undertake in order to control weight gain. Obese people suffer a lot by starving themselves or being involved in strenuous activities without success. This is because they embark on a lifestyle that is not ideal for their blood types. Thus, Dr. D’Adoma’s website provides knowledge on which lifestyle to embark with regard to the blood type of an individual. Mrs. Davis will get a lot of help through the website and the problem of weight gain in her family will be resolved. Additionally, Mrs. Davis can also opt to see the doctor for further advice for a cheaper cost. Dr. D’Adamo’s website will be the best option for Mrs. Davis. I will also use this opportunity to teach Mrs. Davis on how to check information in the internet and selecting the most informative website. Through technological advancement, one can get a number of recommendations towards a particular problem. Therefore, by having the skill on how to select the best website amongst many is very significant. Mrs. Davis has to keep in mind that there are diverse websites offering health related resources and some may provide deceptive information. Therefore, in order to assess the best website Mrs. Davis can check who runs the site, who finances the site and the objective of the site. Additionally, Mrs. Davis should check on the source of information provided in the website, and how current the information is because new research are results are found on a regular basis (Shelly, Napier & Rivers, 2010). It is therefore, recommendable for a website to be updated. Mrs. Davis can also look at the reviews available on the website in order to learn what other people say about the website and whether they were assisted by the information on the website or not. References Shelly, G. B., Napier, H. A., & Rivers, O. N. (2010). Discovering the Internet: Complete concepts and techniques. Boston, Mass: Course Technology/Cengage Learning. Read More
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