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Health care policy and financing - Research Paper Example

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HEALTH CARE POLICY AND FINANCING Introduction As much as governments put in interventions to improve healthcare by coming up with policies and programs, it is important that all other stakeholders play their individual roles in ensuring that the policies and programs yield the objectives with which they were set up…
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Health care policy and financing
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Download file to see previous pages Below are various competencies that the nurse is expected to exhibit in the face of the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. 712.1.1: Legislative and Regulatory Processes The legislative instrument guiding the formation and operation of the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation is vested in the Social Security Amendments of 1965, which was specifically set up to cater for the health needs of specific categories of United States citizens with low income and economic resources (Dziegielwski, Turnage and Roest-Marti, 2004). What this means is that both Medicare and Medicaid are population stratified legislations that cover a specific population. The process of implementing the legislation was vested into individual states. This means that each state administers or implements its own Medicare & Medicaid Innovation policies. The idea of doing this is to promote healthy competition among the various state implementing agencies. This not withstanding, there is a federal regulation of the project, which as at now is vested to the care of federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The general process of monitoring and evaluation of the regulation of the policy is there in the hands of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), who are in return expected to render feedback accounts to the larger population of the United States. 712.1.2: Policy Development There are several ways that the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation impacts clinical practice and healthcare delivery. Over the years, there are realistic data to suggest that the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation is indeed developing fast at the state and national level. It is not for nothing therefore that the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation has on several occasions being copied by different countries and nations in different formats (Malcomson Law, 2012). Within the United States premises, it has been noted that the policy has come as a perfect intervention for bridging the gap between the poor and rich in terms of healthcare reception. This is because before the implementation of the policy, only a few privileged ones had the luxury of receiving quality healthcare, but today, the system has changed (Kanner, 2001). In effect, healthcare delivery can now be referred to as a right rather than a privilege in the United States and this right is enjoyed by all people with different socio-economic backgrounds. 712.2.1: U.S. Healthcare Delivery In the United States, what makes the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation unique is how healthcare is delivered in general. This is to say that the United States has an entirely different healthcare delivery process. In the first instance, healthcare delivery is done from an individualized perspective (Kanner, 2001). What this means is that healthcare delivery is targeted at solving the individual needs of people. It is for this reason that healthcare implementation for major policies such as the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation is done at the state level. The idea is that different states have different health needs and so should have their healthcare delivered from different perspectives. With specific reference to the Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, the United States has such as a specialized healthcare delivery system that makes it possible for different states to have the policy in different formats. For example, Maine implements the program as MaineCare whiles California implements the pr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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