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Creative Change Within Organizations - Research Paper Example

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Creating Change within Organizations Name Institution Introduction Hospitals have been experiencing various challenges, some of which have led to ravaging financial loses. These loses have been attributed to the changes in the compensation policies…
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Creative Change Within Organizations
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Extract of sample "Creative Change Within Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages This is shown through the Ochsner Health System, which has been put to financial danger by a foreseen government payment reduction of a minimum of 3% over the next half a decade. These challenges have called for bold changes in the hospital job setting. These changes have to be put in place to ensure sustainability, affordability and the quality of the hospital care delivery system. “Care Partner Model” the new Ochsner’s designed care delivery model will aid in ensuring the quality of service delivery is improved. This will be by collaborating a registered nurse and a learning practical nurse to provide nursing care to the patients. This process will be represented in 4 stages. Body Summary: Monitoring of the Care Partner Model takes place through meetings held twice a month by a research team. There are various methods that can be used to monitor implementation of the Care Partner Model. Data collection by data collectors is one of them. This monitoring will involve assessment of direct care costs incurred in attaining the CPM objectives, pod efficiency; number of RN/RN pods per pay period; RN or LPN used in a different capacity and agency remunerations. The information collected by the data collectors will be fed into excels spreadsheets and safely kept in a computer that’s possessed by the principal investigator. Then the data collected will undergo analysis, which will include frequencies and distributions to describe the sample characteristics and variables of interest.
The data analysis will also include suitable statistical correlations and associations. To analyze the disrupted time series data, segmented regression and auto regressive integrated moving average will be used. This will also include the death rates, length of stay, readmits, staffing mix, falls, pressure ulcers and failure to rescue. Where suitable variables of interests will be described using the frequencies and measures of. The Care Partner Model promotes more dynamic, directed and purposeful nurse/patient relationship. This is because the nurses are a key to the care delivered within the hospital setting. A research by Hendrich, Chow, Skierczynsky and Lu established 75% of nurses’ time is spend on nursing practice related activities and only about 15% of this time was spent in direct patience care. (Hendrich, 2008). Out of every five, two full time staff nurses responding to the demands of the system is considered wasteful rather than spending time in direct patient care. (Krichbaum, 2007). The objective of the proposed change project is to assess the changes in patient and staff outcomes, work flow and financial indicators associated with the implementation of the Care Partnership Model. Thus better staff and patient outcomes factor the proposed change. For readiness of the proposed change, the Ochsner Health system will have to be partnered with a nationally recognized consultant to aid with defining the job of nursing. The medical/surgical units that were selected for the pilot will have to undergo through interviews and extensive observations. (MD, 2008) How to determine the effectiveness of the proposed change and how to measure the quality, cost and satisfaction outcomes: Effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed change refers to the variables that are used to indicate the progress of the change towards the set goals and objectives. In this context, there are various indicators of the effectiveness of the change and how the efficiency can be determined. This efficiency can be used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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