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Nursing Faculty and Nurses Shortage - Book Report/Review Example

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Nursing Faculty and Nurses Shortage Name Instructor Task Date Introduction The Nursing Shortage Continues as Faculty Shortage Grows by Linda Allen is an article that discusses scarce resources in the health care. It centers on the shortage of nurses, a predicament that is presently affecting hospitals in worldwide…
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Nursing Faculty and Nurses Shortage
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Extract of sample "Nursing Faculty and Nurses Shortage"

Download file to see previous pages In analyzing The Nursing Shortage Continues as Faculty Shortage Grows, I will propose a resolution and innovation on the issue by coming up with new a workable strategy. Define the issue The issue discussed is the scarcity in nursing faculty and nurses in health centers, which has continued to be a challenge to health cares in America. In his article, Linda traces the issue in 1998 when the government found out that it was cropping in becoming a serious problem that needed prompt response (Allen, 2008). The nursing shortage peaked in 2002, hence became a national crisis that sought to be solved to reduce the deprived services in health cares. Lack of sufficient nurses caused the scarcity in nursing faculty, which also became a grave predicament, since the few nurses lacked experienced personnel to guide and monitor their work. 5 influencing factors The first influencing factor that causes the nurse and faculty shortage in health care is the inadequacy in preparation for the induction of new influx of applicants from the academic nursing institutions (Allen, 2008). Most health centers are not financially, socially and economically prepared to accept a large number of students from nursing institutions. This factor makes the act of inducting new influx obscure when admitting and employing nurses in health centers. ...
Thirdly, the augmented aged individuals of the current nursing faculty and the waning time left to teach students taking nursing, anticipated augment in faculty retirements, less compensation for academic teaching, has influenced the scarcity of nursing faculty and nurses. Deplorably, there are many aged nurses planning to retire, which is expected to cause scarcity of nursing faculty and nurses (Allen, 2008). Moreover, the government offers little amount of compensation for tutoring of nurses, which makes the whole process difficult and discouraging (Rouse, 2006). Fourthly, the existence of other intriguing and rewarding career options has influenced the shortage of nursing faculty and nurses in health care. Many students will prefer courses that give them colossal income, hence live a comfortable and contented life (Feldman, 2003). For this reason, there are few young individuals doing nursing as an occupation when compared to the aged labor force in the health centers according to statistics. Fifthly, nursing profession is perceived as a demanding job that makes individuals tired when performing their task. Potential persons looking for a career option are not contented with the job description, since it is characterized with stress and burnout (Allen, 2008). The nursing career pays a small salary, has inauspicious working hours and miserable working environment. The consequences of not addressing the issue The outcome of failing to address the issue to the government and the populace makes the state of affairs in health centers critical. The nursing and faculty scarcity will cause poor services to patients in the society. The general health of the populace will deteriorate; hence, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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