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Leadership commentary: Gibb's Reflection Model - Essay Example

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Running head: LEADERSHIP COMMENTARY Leadership Commentary (name) (school) (date) Leadership commentary Introduction Reflection and commentaries help refocus the thoughts and activities of health professionals while caring for their patients. This paper shall be a commentary or reflection on my practice placement, reviewing my placement based on Gibbs’ Reflection style…
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Leadership commentary: Gibbs Reflection Model
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Download file to see previous pages My mentor asked me to take the lead in managing the patients. One of my patients was going to have surgery that day. All patients were endorsed to me by the night staff. I decided to prioritize the patients based on their needs. One of my patients was going home that day so I did not have to prioritize him as yet. I decided to prioritize my patient who was about to undergo surgery, to monitor her, to make observations, and to review her check lists and everything else she would need before the surgery. I asked who wanted to do the other tasks, including the washing of the patients, and making of their bed. I assigned tasks to the appropriate staff members. I then successfully transferred the patient to surgery. The other patient who was supposed to go home that day was not happy because his discharge summary as well as pertinent medication details were not prepared. I overheard him talking angrily with his health care assistant. I approached the patient and went on to explain the reason for my decision. Feelings/Thoughts While handling the situation, I feel like I have approached it in a democratic manner and I feel relatively good about that my decisions. I feel like I have been fair as a leader and have carried out a two-way communication with the staff in order to carry out the tasks. I also feel like I have found it difficult to ask my mentor to print the discharge summary for the other patient for his discharge home. This event sticks in my mind because I was very much conscious of my actions as a leader. Other people made me feel self-conscious as a leader and I felt pressured to deliver well in this regard. The event however turned out well and I was able to deal with the situation despite my misgivings as a leader. In retrospect, I feel that there are still improvements I can incorporate into my leadership skills and I could have used my theoretical learning as tools in the trade; moreover, the assistance of my mentors could have helped me in gaining better outcomes. Evaluation What was good about the experience was that it helped me enhance my leadership skills. It placed me in a situation where I was prompted to manage several things at one time, and not have any of my tasks or my patients compromised. It allowed me to apply my prioritization skills as well as my democratic and fair management of competing tasks. What was bad about the experience was that in the process of prioritization, I encountered patients who were not particularly pleased by my prioritization decisions. I was also able to observe others taking charge of their patients. I was able to review and read up on nursing theories and other relevant journals. I was also able to follow my mentor while she was looking after her patients, learning how she handled the patients and how she communicated with them. I was also able to establish a plan with my mentor, especially on the plans and decisions I needed to do in relation to the prioritization of patients and health needs, and the essential communication skills I needed to ensure adequate patient care. Analysis In the application of leadership skills in this situation, I was able to apply prioritization of patients. Prioritization is an important component of the practice because it allows multiple tasks to be prioritized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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