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Genetic, Biological and Environmental Influences on School-Age Crack Babies in Dealing with Multiple Stimuli and Forming Close - Research Paper Example

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Genetic, Biological and Environmental Influences on School-Age "Crack Babies in Dealing with Multiple Stimuli and Forming Close Attachments (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction There is a serious problem that comes with use of hard drugs…
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Genetic, Biological and Environmental Influences on School-Age Crack Babies in Dealing with Multiple Stimuli and Forming Close
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Download file to see previous pages Research has shown that almost one million infants born in the USA have been at one time exposed to one of the many illicit drugs while in utero. The social effects associated with these infants or crack babies when normally present themselves clearly when these children reach age of going to school. In most cases, the stimulation process becomes very erratic and such children are faced with difficulties of dealing with these multiple stimuli and have issues when it comes to having close attachments with people around them such a teachers and other pupils (McNichol & Tash, 2001). Dealing with multiple stimuli and forming close attachments Research has shown that we have a permanent developmental, neurological and behavior consequences which could be directly attributed to the exposure on drug use by parents. One notable thing has been that parents and even academic institutions are still quite unprepared in dealing with this problem effectively (McNichol & Tash, 2001). Given the environment in which such children are exposed to at an early age, it becomes difficult for them to integrate fully with the society around them. It is a known fact that children do inherit certain genetic components from their parents. The drug use interferes with a child’s development. ...
Close observations made on these children have shown that they are normally persistently withdrawn from their environment and enjoy personal space more than keeping company of others. It has also been noted that these crack babies are normally prone to some sudden snaps and episodes of violent behavior as compared to other children. These have been attributed to the fact that their parents exposed them to drugs in their prenatal stage. Research has shown that infants exposed to cocaine during the prenatal stage exhibit increased risk of having motor dysfunction (Schneider & Chasnoff, 1992). Also, the risk of having intra-venicular hemorrhages is increased. Questions still abound as to the exact effect of hemorrhages when it comes to the development process. The exposure has been noted to majorly affect the central nervous system causing abnormalities to these children (Doberczak, 1988). Fulroth, Phillips and Durand (1989) noted that a number of babies who have been exposed to cocaine in their prenatal stages show signs of withdrawal from the society or the environment around them. However, some researchers did dispute this basing their argument to the fact that the duration after birth matters and that the children normally normalize after the ages of 1 to 2 years. However, 30 to 40% of those children studied showed that they experienced language development problems which were compounded by attention problems that went through their fourth year of growth (Schneider & Chasnoff, 1992). Other studies have also shown that many of the children who have been borne out of drug abuse related mothers have numerous cognitive and behavioral difficulties. This has been attributed to the environmental influences. Other studies such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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