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Will Hourly Rounds Decrease Patient Falls - Research Paper Example

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Hourly Rounds will Decrease Patient Falls
This section of the paper focuses on the implementation of a proper system of hourly rounds by nurses for reducing patient falls. …
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Will Hourly Rounds Decrease Patient Falls
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Extract of sample "Will Hourly Rounds Decrease Patient Falls"

Download file to see previous pages It has attempted to over all the key elements of the assignment in a substantive way with accuracy and persuasiveness. The paper has used Lewin Theory as an implementation guide. Plan for implementing the proposed solution: The main focus of the plan is to incorporate a system of regular hourly rounds by nurses, as a solution to decrease patient falls in the hospital. For this, the first step is careful planning for which it is necessary to ascertain the following: 1. The number of patients visiting the hospital on an average. 2. The number of nurses in the hospital. 3. The number of physicians in a hospital. 4. The number of nurses as assistant to the physicians. 5. The average period a patient visits the hospital. Developing a plan involves careful evaluation and organizing. Appropriate staffing procedures also need to be adopted for getting the plan executed. Such a plan is highly crucial in implementing the proposed solution. The main aim of a nurse is to decrease patient falls in the hospital and to provide proper assistance and care to them for their recovery from illness. The goals of nurses also include helping individuals “to maintain their health so they can function in their roles” (Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment, 2011, para. 13). ...
10 nurses should be able to handle 25 patients. The plan is to implement a rotation basis system so that 20 nurses cater to 50 patients and administer them on the basis of the guidance and supported provided by physicians. Plan for monitoring the implementation of the solution: In order to implement the solution of a rotational arrangement of nurses so as to extend each patient the advantage of the hourly round system it is very important to monitor the situation that exists in the hospital and to plan the visits accordingly. “An important part of plan implementation is monitoring, which is taking periodic looks at “how it's going” in Implementing the plan” (Training Course on Decentralized Education Planning in the Context Public Sector Reform, 2007, p. 2). Proper staffing pattern activities are essential to develop productive human asset in the hospital so that the hospital can provide utmost care and security to its patients. Each nurse’s on job commitment is assessed through the number of patient falls under her tenure. Month-wise assessment should be made in order to assess the efficiency of nurses. In the months where both the fall prevalence and the nursing hours are the same, it implies that the nursing care in these months is not enough. In the months where occurrence of falls is more than average these needs to be balanced with appropriate nursing care hours. When there is a wide difference between the falls prevalence and the nursing hours per day and there is less falls it implies that nursing care hours are higher than the prevalence of falls. Such a plan needs to be implemented for the purpose of monitoring of the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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