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Support for the Project Proposal of Smoking Cessation Among Nurses - Research Paper Example

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Running head: RESEARCH SUPPORT Research Support [Author’s Name] [Class] Abstract Smoking is a serious problem among nurses. Therefore, facility-based smoking cessation programs have the potential to reduce the scope of the smoking problem in nursing environments…
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Research Support for the Project Proposal of Smoking Cessation Among Nurses
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Extract of sample "Support for the Project Proposal of Smoking Cessation Among Nurses"

Download file to see previous pages Keywords: smoking, cessation, nurses. Research Support for the Project Proposal of Smoking Cessation among Nurses Smoking is a serious problem among nurses. Much has been written and said about the role and importance of smoking cessation programs in clinical settings. Smoking causes profound impacts on the quality of nursing care. In some instances, smoking among nurses is justified by the amount of stress they constantly experience in the workplace: Tagliacozzo and Vaughn (1986) established a direct relation between work-related stresses and smoking among nurses. This however does not mean that nurses are secured from the risks and negative consequences of smoking. A facility-based smoking cessation program has the potential to reduce smoking among nurses, through counseling support, monetary incentives, nicotine-replacement therapies, and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. The role and significance of counseling support in smoking cessation was discussed in abundance. Individual, group, or telephone counseling was extensively used to raise smoking cessation rates in various population groups. Lancaster and Stead (2008) reviewed previous studies and concluded that individual counseling increased the likelihood of smoking cessation. ...
Those results were also supported by Stead, Perrera and Lancaster (2009), who found that both reactive and proactive telephone counseling was responsible for increased rates of smoking cessation among individuals. The rationale behind telephone counseling and its efficacy in smoking cessation are difficult to explain: most probably, smokers perceive telephone support as both reliable and anonymous, and which gives them a sense of confidence in dealing with the problem of smoking. It is also possible that telephone lines provide that assistance which smokers really need in their long and troublesome way to cessation. Whatever the rationale, individual counseling, either personal or telephone, can benefit nurses who are willing to quit smoking. Unfortunately, individual counseling is always associated with additional costs (Lichtenstein et al, 1996). New technologies provide the flexibility and communication opportunities required to reduce smoking among nurses. Yet, they also add to the burden of financial and technical expenses on hospitals. This is why individual counseling can give place to group counseling strategies. Group counseling is believed to be a better alternative to individual smoking cessation counseling. The current state of literature suggests that individual counseling alone cannot increase smoking cessation rates (Stead & Lancaster, 2009). Unfortunately, evaluating the benefits and outcomes of group counseling interventions is not possible, due to the heterogeneity of subjects involved in study samples (Stead & Lancaster, 2009). Moreover, group counseling is by itself not without controversy, since groups demonstrate limited reach to smoking populations and are characterized by low participation rates (Stead & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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