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Critical Review of Papers in Nursing - Research Paper Example

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Critical Review of Research paper Reconstructing the argument Richard Swift has embarked on a global political journey that transcends the boundaries of nation states & ultimately speaks of state sponsored militarization in the crudest of forms in his research article, “State of Fear; The Global Attack on Rights”…
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Critical Review of Research Papers in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The column bravely uncovers the ravaging attitude which the modern day military possess. It speaks of the mechanical traits of the military, which are deployed to solve tentative, unfathomable, & deepest of social issues. It speaks of inhumanity & corruption on behalf of the governing bodies that deploy armed forces despite knowing that militarization is the remotest solution for any of those problems. Swift amicably draws a fine line denoting that militarization or forceful occupation of a territory is undoubtedly the gravest offence which can be committed against the human race in the contemporary global scenario. Interestingly it appears as if the author touches all the fundamental bases of this burning issue, but refrains himself from delving into the roots of those fatal problems. He speaks of religious liaisons, Chinese cross border aggression, indo-Pak eccentricity & almost everything bestowed within Mother Nature, but strangely swifts away from giving any materialistic solution. He places facts, figures & incidents to condemn a certain approach, but outrageously evades the question of a plausible solution. He says that the: ‘arbitrary exercise of power is the centerpiece of any occupation. It is hard to imagine it otherwise,’ but peculiarly disowns himself from this glaring notion when the time arrives for a possible solution (Swift, 2005, p. 1). In another attempt the author has advocated that the Chinese occupation of Tibet is equally condemnable to the US imperialist aggression. It may be cited that Tibet was a land of unprecedented feudal values even until the 1950s. The ruling religious classes of Tibet had battered, bled, slaughtered, & victimized the whole population until the arrival of the Chinese red troops. It is a fact that the temples & palaces of the once invincible lamas were stacked with human bones, fleshes, & skulls as tokens of religious piousness. Buddhism was turned to ‘devilism’ throughout the history of Tibet. The streets were filled with beggars, ailing citizens & there was not a single school which existed in the land of the Himalayas. Even in the 1920s & 1930s the nation existed without a proper economic infrastructure. Barter system was practiced by the invincible ruling class to exploit the ‘half dead’ inmates. The ruling elites bestowed themselves to the western powers, thus paving the way for potential moral & military aid. Naturally, the Chinese aggression was severely criticized by the feudal rulers of Tibet. It was true that china had long term goals than it seemed at the introduction. But it was also true that Chinese power modernized & humanized Tibet. Human rights came into existence (Maxwell, 1970, pp.50-73). Now how can the Chinese annexation of Tibet fall within the same genre of the US attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya? It simply cannot. The United States of America wants the feudal & religious hegemonies to remain secure at their respective pavilions. The reason is simple. The open liberalistic policy of the US backed corporate houses requires ignorance to exist & make further profits. Religion is the easiest weapon which helps to modernize a man from outside without altering his feudal beliefs. Swift speaks against religious fundamentalism. But this topic has been discussed a thousand times before. How can one expect to assemble a group of men with contradicting superstitious (read religious) beliefs & expect them to maintain rationality & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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