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Introduction Culture refers to an integrated human behaviour that is learned; transmitted and shared among persons of a specific ethnicity, group, organization, agency or region (Lundy and Janes, 2009). Culture is exhibited through shared attitudes, symbols, beliefs (traditions), rituals, taboos, goals, values, and norms, which are adopted and practiced by specific group of individuals…
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Maintenance of Social Hierarchie
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, every health care provider should be knowledgeable, aware, and skilful on different cultural issues. Furthermore, they should be able to demonstrate openness, acceptability, and flexibility towards people living in different cultures. Lack of cultural competency in provision of health care services can result to fatal outcomes caused by cultural misinterpretations. Cultural incompetency can also lead to poor self-esteem on both caregivers and health care consumers. Health care providers may have pre-conceptions concerning culture, health habits and lifestyles of different people. Though this may be true, it is important for health care providers to broaden their perspective to accommodate all cultures. Literature review on an area with identified health disparities African Americans often called black Americans are amongst the most culturally diverse minority groups in the United States of America. Descendants of Black people in the United States emigrated from different parts of Africa during and after slavery period. There are about 38.9 million black Americans in the United States today. The black minority have a dark history of discrimination deeply entrenched in their minds. Some white populace believes they are richer, stronger and powerful than their African American counterparts and feel that they deserve better things. Discrimination, slavery and racism have made majority of African American population in the United States to be poor, which made them disadvantaged economically, educationally and socially. Furthermore, most African American population is associated with high unemployment, poverty, substance abuse and crime among many other negative things as compared to their white American counterparts. Black minority in the United States do not access adequate mental health care. Most black populace is considered poor in the United States in reference to their white counterparts. Therefore, they fall into the category of poor class citizens. In the past years, mental health research did not include black population in the United States (American Psychiatric Association, 2011). This means that very little is being done to mainstream African American into a sustainable mental health care provision system. African American population in the United States belongs to a number of religious (spiritual) orientations. Majority of the black people are Methodists. However, some are Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and Muslims, while very small numbers are atheists. Religion among black Americans is a key factor that dictates how health care services should be provided. This is because reading religious materials, listening to religious programs and prayer have significant impact in dealing with various diseases. Some churches may view mental disorder as a spiritual issue as opposed to medical issue. Therefore, prayer or driving out demons may be considered appropriate as compared to modern treatment methods for most mentally ill patients. The role of family is important in promoting good health among the African American population. African American population practice intergenerational family support. Family members and friends act as coordinators of health care provision. They help in transportation of the sick to and from health care facility as well as manage medication, diet and exercise of the sick member. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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