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American Government: Policy in Afghanistan September 11, 2001 represents a date in history that none of our contemporaries will forget. This day is the day when American society, if not the Western world, changed completely and was forced to face the threat of terrorism…
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American Government - Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The U.S. subsequent involvement in Afghanistan may go down as one of the most controversial policy decisions in American history (Ginsberg, Lowi, and Weir). Indeed, there are a number of complex questions involved when determining the moral and political justifications behind the policy in Afghanistan. This essay functions to considers the United States policy in Afghanistan in relation to factors and issues affecting the topic, the current status of the topic, and future concerns of the policy. One of the main justifications of the United States involvement in Afghanistan is the belief that Al Qaeda’s attack on the United States violated the "just war" theory. The just war theory explains that only government led groups can lead an attack, but they must do so for a just cause. It’s been said that Al Qaeda broke the just war theory because they attacked civilians with no cause. Furthermore, the attack on the Pentagon, one could argue, was a government driven attack. The subsequent war represents the American response to the threat. There is no doubt that the American response had its economic and strategic interests, but the essential reason for the America’s actions following September 11 many believe is for the defense of freedom (Bennis). Supporters of the war in Afghanistan believe in the progress that can be made in defending freedom and democracy anywhere in the world. Indeed, freedom became after September 11 an all-purpose explanation for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The wars conducted by the United States were justified as a response to the terrorist attacks which aimed the basic liberties of the American society. Freedom was soon perceived as an American good that must be promoted everywhere and the United States was seen as having the moral duty of promoting democracy throughout the world. While it is yet to be seen if the attempted change in the political system of Afghanistan represents progress, supporters of the war believe that democracy in the Middle East will eventually lead to progress. Even as the war policy in Afghanistan was initially justified as a means of national security, the United States’ longevity and continued presence many argue has proved to be problematic. While the war policy might have started along well-justified measures, it’s argued that it now carries a toll on the American population (Rashid). Within this spectrum of understanding there are a number of points policy opponents have raised. One important reason that individuals must consider is peoples’ safety here at home. While the War on Terrorism has been sold as fighting the terrorist abroad so they must not be fought at home, this seems a somewhat specious concept. Military recruiting is down. Young people do not want to join the Armed Forces when it is quite clear they could die in Afghanistan. This shortage results in fewer qualified members of the armed forces, and leaves fewer in America to protect against terrorism and attack. There have already been reported over 2,600 coalition force member deaths. That includes 2,463 Americans. Almost 18,000 military personnel have been wounded during the war, and thousands of Iraqis and insurgents have also died during the fighting (BBC 2009). This human cost may be the most difficult consequence of the war to bear. Innocent people did die on September 11th and nobody deserves the pain and agony of the terrorist’s terrible actions, but now it’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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